MoistTech Embraces Change In Re-Brand!

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MoistTech Corp Re-brands!

For many years MoistTech Corp.™ has gone by the same look and we thought it was about time for a big change! Since October of last year we have been diligently working to re-brand the company so that it aligns with our customer base to more efficiently and effectively serve their needs. With over 40 years of experience, we intend to maintain our superior customer service and continue to provide you with state-of-the-art technology to grow your business and provide your customers with unsurpassed products. The only thing we have changed is our look and logo, everything else great about MoistTech remains the same!

As we continue our re-branding process throughout all aspects of the business, we invite you to explore our Social Media pages: FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and LinkedIn for live updates & fun stories and to also check out our new materials we have available to you as well:

  IR3000 Brochure

   IR3000-WP Brochure (Wood Products)

  IR3000-F (Food Grade)

  828 Series (Tobacco)

  IP67-Rated (Stainless Steel)

  CCS3000 (Coke, Coal & Sinter)

  868 Series At-Line (Laboratory Sample Testing)

  Full Product Catalog 


To receive a full copy of any of our brochures please complete this form


We are excited about the change and hope that you are as well – stay tuned for the final phases of the re-brand coming soon and be sure to come see us at all of our shows this year!


Global Gypsum Conference in Poland

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Join MoistTech Corp for the 17th annual Global Gypsum Conference is well-known around the world as the largest meeting of gypsum professionals and as the must-attend gypsum event. The conference in 2017 will meet in the centre of Europe – on the borders of East and West – in historic Kraków – and will appeal to gypsum and wallboard producers from around the globe.

Kraków is an outstanding location for the 17th Global Gypsum Conference, being centrally-located, easy to reach and offering visitors from east and west a warm welcome. Kraków and the brand-new five-star conference hotel itself offer attendees great value-for-money in a self-contained world-class conference venue. The Global Gypsum Exhibition is expected to be the largest ever staged.

Strong delegate groups are expected to attend from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS and the Middle East, as well as from around the rest of the world.

Learn more about our On-Line CCS-3000 series sensor that can help control moisture measurements in Gypsum and products like it

25 – 26 October 2017, Kraków, Poland

Pharmatech 2017

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Join MoistTech in India this August for PharmaTech 2017! PharmaTech Expo 2017 is a premier event dedicated to pharmaceutical innovation, technology and knowledge. It has emerged as a crucial platform for showcasing the latest innovation and technologies throughout all phases of the product lifecycle, focusing Pharma manufacturing and processing technology, pharmaceutical systems and services. This year the focus will be on the pharmaceutical machinery and Equipments manufacturing sector and pharmaceuticals packaging.

There is a strong local and global opportunity for Gujarat in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical machinery, given its strong and well-established engineering sector. According to industry estimates approximately 35-40 percent of India’s pharmaceutical machinery is produced in Gujarat. The strong growth prospects of the pharmaceutical exports segment and growing demand from the domestic market, will further fuel growth in the pharmaceutical machinery sector.

Successful deliverance of the past four events of “PharmaTech Expo 2011, 2013,2015 & 2016” with patronage of our repeated & New Exhibitors have encouraged us with a strong message to the National & International Visitors & Buyers that we are here again to give you the feeling of better productivity and enhancement of profits.


Powder, Bulk & Solids Toronto

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The Powder & Bulk Solids Toronto, the Canadian resource for process manufacturers to find the latest solutions to help increase production efficiencies, cut cost, eliminate waste, and ensure product consistency, will take place May 16-18, 2017 at the Toronto Congress Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Powder Show Canada is the source for the full spectrum of process manufacturing technologies, including: accessories, components, and services; automation, instrumentation, and controls; conveyers and feeders; dryers; dust collectors and scrubbers; material handling, transportation, and storage; mixers and blenders; packaging and bagging; particle enlargers and formers; screening, classifying, and separation; size reduction; thermal solids processors; weighing systems and scales. Attendees will be able to find solutions to benefit the manufacturing of a broad range of products, including: asphalt and hot mixes; carbon black; ceramics; clay; cosmetics; explosives and ammunition; food products; glass; industrial and agricultural chemicals; lime and cement; metals; minerals; pharmaceuticals; pigments and coatings; plastics and rubber; primary aluminum; process chemicals; pulp and paper; steel; stone; textiles; and more.

Join MoistTech in Toronto to see how we can instantly improve your business with our IR3000 series sensors

Solids Antwerpen [Powder Bulk Solids Belgium]

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Industry Forum for suppliers and for buyers from end-user industries that manufacture and process powder, granules and bulk solids (including food & beverage manufacturing, chemicals, cosmetics, animal feed and pet food). Handling, Storage, Logistics.

Join MoistTech in Belgium this October to see how our IR3000 series Infrared Moisture Sensor can instantly improve your business by providing a superior product to your competitors and increasing your customer satisfaction! We have over 40 years of experience with the Powder, Bulk & Solids Handling Industry to help you succeed

European Solids 2017

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International Powder, Bulk & Solids Handling show focusing on industry Forum for suppliers and for buyers from end-user industries that manufacture and process powder, granules and bulk solids (including food & beverage manufacturing, chemicals, cosmetics, animal feed and pet food). Handling, Storage, Logistics

Join MoistTech Corp in the Netherlands in 2017 for this fantastic show October 4-5 2017 and check out our IR 3000 Infrared Moisture Sensor that we will have LIVE demonstrations set up on!

POWTECH 2017 [Powder, Bulk Solids Germany]

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Take advantage of the overall dynamics offered by POWTECH, the exhibition for experts in powder and bulk solids technology! This event provides a presentation platform for innovations and advancements in processes for the manufacture of quality products made and processed from powder, granules, bulk solids and liquids – also for the environmental and recycling sector.

26 – 28 September 2017 // Nuremberg, Germany

MoistTech Corp operates internationally in 6 continents and is proud to be a part of POWTECH 2017 providing stste of the art technological solutions to the moisture measurement and control aspect of the powder bulk and solids handling industries. Our IR3000 series sensor is specifically designed to withstand the environment and provide instant, accurate real time measurements for immediate control of the product. We can help you produce a superior product to your competitors and increase your customer satisfaction levels!

Midwest Powder Show – Powder & Bulk Engineering

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Midwest Powder Show – Columbus, OH – 9/27-9/29/2017

2017 PBE Midwest Powder Show™ & Conference emphasizes products and services specifically designed for the powder/dry particulate processing, handling, storing and transporting requirements of our industry. Powder and Bulk Engineering magazine’s audience, comprised of the highest quality “Engineering” and “Production Management” job functions in the powder industries, is the conference’s primary target – your most important customer base!

MoistTech Corp.™ is proud to be involved with the Powder & Bulk Solids Handling Industry providing solutions for many aspects including moisture measurement and control, coat-weight and thickness, temperature and more. Stop by our booth and check out the live demonstrations with the IR3000 series sensor — we can instantly increase your bottom line and make your product superior to your competitors! 

LIGNA Germany – Making More Out of Wood

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LIGNA – Hanover Germany – 5/22-5/26/2017

the LIGNA event showcases products like displays forest products, forestry technologies, sawmill technology, solid wood working services, energy services from wood, wood materials and products, veneer production, raw timber products etc. in the Plant, Machinery & Equipment, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Repair & Maintenance S industries.

MoistTech Corp.™ has a proven track record in hundreds of applications and have formulated our sensors o specifically detect moisture content n wood, veneer, and raw timber products and materials. Stop by our booth in Hanover to see LIVE demonstrations of our IR3000 series sensor and how accurately it displays readings, giving you an improved superior product over your competitors. 

EUBCE – European Biomass 2017

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EUBCE – European Biomass – Stockholm Sweden 6/12-6/15/2017

As one of the world’s leading R&D conference combined with an international exhibition, the EUBCE represents the leading platform for the collection, exchange and dissemination of scientific know-how in the field of biomass.

The Conference Programme will address topics from biomass itself to bioliquids and biofuels for heat and electricity, transport and biobased products, covering all aspects of each value chain, from supply and logistics to conversion technologies, from industrial application of research results to impacts on the environment, from market and trade aspects to policy strategies, not least to the role of biomass as a source in integrated energy systems.

Join MoistTech Corp.™ and EUBCE this summer in Sweden to watch live demonstrations of how our IR3000 series sensor works and improves your product quality. 

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