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Converting Moisture Analyzer

MoistTech, a recognized world leader in real-time moisture control, offers a high-tech converting moisture analyzer. With new advances in hardware and software, moisture analysis has better and more accurate results than ever before. Moisture tables can be converted to report results in percentage moist or percentage dry. Our state-of-the-art software runs on a Windows platform.

Connect our sensor to your process-controlling laptop or your analysis network with RS232 and Ethernet capabilities. We continually develop new and better software and hardware to maintain our posture as the world leader in moisture measurement.

Our Unbelievable Accuracy

We offer you the best accuracy available with non-contact sensors that feature non-drift, NIR (near-infrared) optical scans. All sensors are pre-calibrated for your application at the factory and require no further maintenance to keep our amazing accuracy. Our intelligent sensors are programmed to ignore small gaps in materials, changes in color, particle size and height variations.

Our Superb Quality Design

We design our meters, sensors and gauges to withstand rugged factory environments. They are unaffected by temperature, humidity, or ambient light. Since our sensors are non-contact, they can mount almost anywhere – above your conveyor belt, before and after dryers or before and after sprayers.

Our Unbeatable Customer Service

Based in Sarasota, Florida, we have sales and support teams around the world to offer you a timely response to questions or problems you may have. For more than 30 years, we have been producing innovative moisture measurement equipment. Our engineers are leaders in their fields and listen to our customer requests.

Learn More about Our Converting Moisture Analyzer

Request a quote today to see how economical it is to use the state-of-the-art sensors from MoistTech. Contact us for information on the best setup for your application. Our engineers would be glad to make recommendations.