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Converting Moisture Sensor

A converting moisture sensor from MoistTech, the world leader in moisture measurement and instrumentation, can help your bottom line. By controlling the moisture in real-time, you can:

  • Avoid downtime delays
  • Keep the amount of scrap under control
  • Conserve energy usage

Get the Most Accurate Moisture Measurements Available

With over 40 years of experience in the moisture measurement field, MoistTech has risen to the world leader in NIR moisture sensors and measurement technology. Look at these advantages:

  • Instant, reliable, repeatable results
  • Our proprietary optical system is several times more efficient than our competitors’
  • Our high-speed motor means hundreds more measurements per second
  • Factory calibrated before delivery—no further calibration needed
  • No maintenance required
  • Unaffected by ambient light, dust, heat or humidity
  • Designed for harsh environment
  • Non-contact measurements
  • Non-drift optical design
  • World-wide customer service and support available
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Economically priced
  • Unaffected by gaps in materials, changes in color, particle height or size
  • Optical window contamination alarm

Use Our Software to Convert the Raw Numbers

Enjoy our converting software to give you the numbers you need or connect the sensor via RS232 serial connection to your own laptop or PC or with an Ethernet connection to your controlling computer network.

We offer you the most advanced software available for moisture measurement. It is a Windows software package for management and control of your moisture sensor. Our software will give you a choice of display for percentage moist or for percentage dry. There are 50 product codes available.

Ask Us about Your Need for a Converting Moisture Sensor

Contact us for more information about moisture measurement with NIR sensors, and see how we can control your process in real time with a converting moisture sensor. Request a quote today to see how great the return on investment will be for your company.