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Converting Moisture Transmitter

MoistTech, a 40-year industry leader, offers a converting moisture transmitter to control your process. We have developed a non-drift NIR (near infrared) sensor that measures moisture in a non-contact real-time way and sends that information to the controlling computer or network so that:

  • Immediate, automatic adjustments can be made by the controlling computer if measurements go out of tolerance
  • Alarms can summon an operator
  • Scrap can be reduced
  • Downtime can be minimized
  • Energy can be conserved

MoistTech Is the World Leader in Moisture Measurement Accuracy

At MoistTech, our NIR (near infrared) optical moisture sensor was developed by our highly experienced engineering staff with input from our large customer base. We purposely designed it to offer features our competitors can’t offer.

You can count on quick, non-destructive, repeatable, highly accurate results every time. Our sensor:

  • Is designed for a rugged factory environment
  • Can be used online or offline
  • Is unaffected by heat or humidity
  • Is not changed by ambient light
  • Is a non-contact measurement so it can be mounted above the process line, before and after sprayers and dryers
  • Ignores small gaps in product, height and size variations, and coloring differences

Our Moisture Transmitter is Easy to Use

Our sensors come pre-calibrated from the factory and require no additional maintenance.

They are easy to install. Stand-alone units can be ordered with a stand for laboratory, quality control or field use. Online units can be connected to your analysis network via Ethernet or to a laptop via RS232 connectors.

We offer state-of-the-art Windows software for conversions and analysis. Make the adjustments you need or sound the alarm for the operator to intervene.

Talk to the Experts about a Converting Moisture Transmitter

Contact us today to get your questions answered. Our engineers can recommend the best configuration for your application. Request a quote from the world leader in moisture control and measurement instrumentation.