MoistTech leads the moisture measurement industry with an NIR Analyzer that gives quick, accurate non-contact results. For more than 40 years, we have worked with customers worldwide to meet their measurement needs.  Using their input, we have developed new products with amazing speed and accuracy.

Get the Precise Measurements You Need

Our non-drift NIR (Near Infrared) analyzer can read moisture and convert the findings to percentage moist or percentage dry for the operator display.  It can also measure a variety of substances, including:

Get the Measurements You Need with Unbelievable Speed

Our new IR-3000 moisture transmitter and software analyzer system records thousands of measurements per second to give you the best accuracy available in the industry. Have your operator watch the screen for variations and respond to alarms or connect our analyzer to your process control laptop or data analysis network via RS232 or Ethernet for further analysis.  Our software runs on a Windows platform.

At MoistTech, we lead the industry. Our highly skilled engineers continue to refine and improve both our hardware and software to keep us state-of-the-art. Our products run online or stand-alone in rough factory conditions, field testing, quality control environments, or pristine lab testing. Our readings are unaffected by dust, temperature, or humidity.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Quick, accurate measurements and analysis can result in money-saving changes for your process.  Consider these potential savings:

  • Operators can more quickly receive alarms and respond with important corrections
  • Real-time computer controllers can make fast adjustments based on NIR analyzer results
  • Scrap material quantity decreases
  • Energy usage decreases
  • Quality increases
  • Production increases

Learn More about Our NIR Analyzer

Contact us to get more information about how our NIR analyzer can give you the measurements you need to improve your process control. Request a quote today from our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff and see what kind of return on investment you can expect.