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Moisture Content in Plastic Products and Resins

Moisture Content in Plastic is an important factor in proper manufacturing. The MoistTech 30Moisture Content in Plastic00 Series On-line Sensors accurately displays the moisture content of resin/plastic pellets, flake or regrind, in % (percent) or PPM (parts per million). Our Online sensors can be installed into any hopper, silo, material line, belt or screw conveyor. The moisture results are then displayed on a color touch screen or output on any of our many signal options.

The installation of our On-line sensors prevent bad product due to undesirable resin moisture levels. Whether it was simple regrind material that was under dried, or worse, unusable molds and lost material due to brittle nylons, discoloration, splaying, bubbling, or streaking from over drying. All of these are a thing of the past when you integrate MoistTech into your process. Now you can fine tune your setup to make sure you are putting out a higher quality and more consistent product; ultimately improving your bottom line. Save money, time and prevent negative results due to inconsistencies and human error.

Moisture content in plastic pellets has to be controlled, as it is an important aspect for the production of high quality plastic parts.

Instead of relying on a 10 gram sample to represent an entire hopper full of resin, it is more practical and efficient if you knew the moisture content of all the resin coming out of your hopper, going into your machine or even at the hopper inlet so you can adjust drying times based on moisture content before you dry.

All our sensors are instant with hundreds of points of data measurement per second providing you with real time accurate measurements. MoistTech is a onetime calibration with a no drift optical design to ensure the accuracy and repeatability needed.

Moisture Content in PVB Films and Pellets

PVB, or polyvinyl butyral, is an 80-year-old resin used for strong binding applications that need optical clarity, outstanding binding efficiency, toughness, flexibility and adhesion to multiple surfaces.

Moisture Content in Plastic

PVB VB producers have been very successful in reducing out-of-spec product by installing the MoistTech IR3000. New technology has allowed MoistTech to develop its latest version of the online sensor that can instantly measure in PVB to ppm levels. The new sensor provides continuous accurate measurements of PVB film over all moisture rages as low as .0% to 1% with ppm accuracy.

Auto and glass window manufacturers have been plagued by excessive moisture in PVB when laminating their product. The IR3000 can measure the raw film prior to use in production and more interestingly after the window and/or windscreen has been completed. By physically passing the laminated product through the IR beam moisture can instantly and accurately be determined.

As with any textile manufacturing process, controlling PBV plastic pellet moisture during production is critical to the product’s final quality. By measuring the moisture, the producer can ensure the quality of the product and sell it at the appropriate price. The cost of the product is usually calculated based on the weight of the pellets, and the moisture affects this.


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