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Wax Coating Analyzer

MoistTech is the industry leader in measuring:

  • Moisture
  • Wax coating
  • Temperature
  • Film
  • Oil coatings and flavorings

For more than 40 years, we have compiled data and gleaned information from our industry partners to develop the new state-of-the-art IR-3000 near infrared (NIR) sensor and software system wax coating analyzer.

Look to MoistTech for a New Standard in Wax Coating Analysis

At MoistTech, we have raised the bar in coating measurement. Look at these advantages of using our system:

  • Provides non-contact measurements in real time
  • Instant, continuous coating measurements
  • Thousands of measurements per second
  • Is unaffected by color, size, inert materials or small gaps in the production line
  • Calibration is done at the factory before shipment
  • No maintenance required
  • NIR drift-free technology
  • Coating accuracy varies .1 to .01 micron depending on coating type
  • Ethernet and RS232 compatible

Prepare for an Easy Installation

By installing the IR-3000 wax coating sensor after the coating head, you can monitor the wax coating process continuously. It can be setup for either manual or automatic results. The sensor can interface with a controlling laptop for digital read-outs at the coating station or a plant-wide controlling network. Adjustments can be automatically sent to the wax coating station to keep the amount of wax constant and improve the consistency of your product. This reduces scrap as well as downtime and thus improves the overall efficiency of the production line.

Get More Information about a Wax Coating Analyzer

Contact us for more information. Our engineers would love to answer your questions about the IR-3000 and how it can save you money with measurements of your wax coating. Request a quote today and begin the journey to optimize your production line.