Pectin Moisture

Pectin Moisture Control – MoistTech IR-3000

Precision in moisture control is essential when it comes to pectin production. Maintaining the correct moisture level throughout the production process is critical. If pectin is too wet, it may impact product quality. Conversely, if it’s too dry, it could require more product to achieve the desired weight. Are you currently using an instrument to measure pectin moisture? MoistTech offers the gold standard in moisture measurement and control.

The IR3000 Pectin Moisture Sensor:

Leveraging 40 years of experience and partnerships within the industry, MoistTech’s IR3000 pectin moisture sensor ensures that you never have to compromise product quality for energy efficiency.

Our IR-3000 pectin moisture sensor employs near-infrared (NIR) technology, delivering continuous, non-contact, and highly accurate moisture measurements. With a proven track record in thousands of food applications, the IR-3000 is your trusted solution.

Optimize Quality Control


Our sensors excel in moisture measurement, offering accuracy within tenths of a percent for most applications.


MoistTech sensors are robust and require minimal maintenance over time.


You can rely on MoistTech’s NIR moisture sensors; they do not drift and do not require frequent recalibration.


A moisture measurement system is essential for production and can often pay for itself in less than 30 days.

Efficiency is Paramount:

Efficiency is a top priority for manufacturers, and the drying process can be a significant energy drain. Measuring moisture before and after the dryer enables users to optimize dryer settings, saving both time and money. A well-implemented moisture control system can pay for itself through energy savings in less than 30 days, leading to drastic improvements in facility productivity.

The IR-3000 generates precise and reliable results, even in sensitive environments. MoistTech’s I-3000 pectin moisture measurement system offers several benefits, including reduced waste, improved product quality, shorter start-up times, 100% product inspection, and lower energy costs.

    MoistTech – The Ultimate Solution:

    With over 40 years of experience in studying moisture and its applications in manufacturing, MoistTech stands as a leader in moisture analysis. Our commitment to innovation led to the development of the IR-3000, a moisture sensor capable of instant, non-contact measurements of moisture, temperature, and other critical parameters with unparalleled accuracy.

    The Process:

    Moisture levels throughout the manufacturing process can profoundly affect the final product’s quality and efficiency. Continuous, online monitoring of moisture content can lead to higher-quality products, reduced downtime, and decreased human error. Contact MoistTech today to discover how we can instantly enhance your production line.

    Optimizing Moisture Measurement:


    Identify the critical points in your production process where moisture measurement is crucial and determine how this data will drive improvements, possibly integrating with your PLC system. Multiple installation points might be necessary.


    Achieve a closed-loop process by incorporating a moisture measurement system, proactively addressing moisture control to prevent costly issues.


    MoistTech’s experts will assess your specific application through lab tests, calibrations, and accuracy evaluations, ensuring our equipment performs optimally. Our sensors are pre-calibrated for plug-and-play operation.


    We offer global service and support for our moisture measurement sensors and would be delighted to connect you with a representative in your area. Contact us today for comprehensive information on enhancing your moisture control processes.

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    Understand the Process

    Moisture levels during the manufacturing process can have multiple effects on the final product and its quality. Continuous, online monitoring of the moisture content can provide a facility with higher quality, less downtime and human error. Contact MoistTech today to see how we can instantly improve your production line