Fertilizer Moisture


Fertilizer manufacturing requires the operator to maintain the correct moisture levels throughout the process, to ensure a quality final product.

An ideal moisture management system should be able to perform accurately to detect the moisture levels in the raw materials and final product, be easily maintained, built to withstand harsh application environments and abrasive materials.

Eliminate wasted product, downtime, out of spec material and increased purchase pricing due to excess water weight. 

MoistTech is recognized as the leader in moisture management systems utilizing near-infrared technology to provide the most accurate, repeatable results in the industry.

Immediate ROI is achieved with proper moisture measurement and control as the overall efficiency of the plant increases with the seen savings. 

Multiple units can be placed throughout the process to ensure total product control and accuracy. Increasing the product quality and maintaining huge cost savings. 



By mounting the MoistTech fertilizer moisture sensor several inches above the conveyor, after the dryer, so it can continuously monitor the process and can control the moisture content either manually or automatically in the fertilizer.


Although dust from the product is not normally a problem, in extreme dusty environments we recommend the installation of an air purge system to prevent the accumulation of material on the sensor’s window. In addition, if the fertilizer moisture sensor has to be installed close to the dryer outlet where it will be susceptible to extreme heat conditions, it will be necessary to cool the sensor with either air or water.

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