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MoistTech Corp.’s new TP Vision System uses a combination of high-speed camera technology, hardware integration expertise and proprietary software providing a new generation of “in-maker” cigarette inspection and rejection. The 2 most common defects detected with 99.9% detection capability.

TP Vision - Tipping Zone Defect Detection System 1The system is an automated vision based defect system that is customized and dedicated to identifying and eliminating non-conforming cigarettes in real-time, ensuring quality to market, reducing consumer complaints and providing brand protection.

TP Vision has unique image processing features to identify defects and reject cigarettes having variations and deviations in the tipping zone. Identifying defects is extremely important in the manufacturing process. Typical defects are due to Flagging, Wandering, Misalignment (axis), Double Patch and V Cut of filter paper within the tipping zone of cigarettes.

A trigger timing signal input from an external device (fiber sensor, PLC, encoder, etc.) activates the image capture of the vision system which is synchronized with the shutter speed.


The High-Speed vision system then outputs the results of the processed image too an external device. The most basic type of output in an ON/OFF signal of the OK/NG judgement status, which is an NPN/PNP type output. It is also possible to output the inspection results as numeric values through the I/O terminal vis RS-232, and/or Ethernet. These outputs are received by the system and then can be used to reject defective product, activate alarms, control the movement of a robotic arm or control of other automated processes.

  •  High-speed High Resolution Camera
  •  High-speed Image Processor
  •  Interfaces with any Kind of Making Machine – Single or Twin Track
  •  Higher Speed Versions Available Upon Request

The most common defects found are Flagging, Double Patch, Wandering, and Misalignment:

TP Vision - Tipping Zone Defect Detection System 2     TP Vision - Tipping Zone Defect Detection System 3

TP Vision - Tipping Zone Defect Detection System 4     TP Vision - Tipping Zone Defect Detection System 5

Improve the quality of your product to market by utilizing the MoistTech TP Vision System. As a stand alone independent system, it does not interfere with any maker operation and can adapt to any maker as well. MoistTech Corp. has developed interfaces for Hauni, Decoufle, GD and Molins Makers.

Benefits Include:

  • No maintenance required – an annual system check is recommended
  • Live image streaming for the maker operator
  • Simple user friendly interface with 15” screen
  • Brand Image Protection*
  • In maker quality control
  • Eliminates out-of-spec product
  • Reduces manual checking of finished product
  • Simple user friendly operation
  • Integrates with exiting maker ejection system
  • No configuration – auto tech
  • Solid State
  • Fast ROI
  • Manufacturers are able to inspect and reject up to 12,000 CPM, with a higher version available
  • Can be used on various tipping color papers and geometry
  • Operates on a single, and twin inspection drum machines (twin with the addition of a second camera and image processor)

If you need additional information regarding the TP Vision system, or any sensors manufactured by MoistTech, you can email us at or call the Sarasota office: (0) +1 941-727-1800.