MoistTech Moisture detection devices are increasingly important in factory safety. These devices provide early warning signs of high moisture levels and enable timely interventions to prevent damage to the production process. It is essential for factories to invest in the proper moisture control measures to ensure the safety and efficiency of their production processes.

Rise in Humidity

Factory manufacturers must consider environmental conditions that may contribute to the moisture problem. Poor ventilation, inadequate insulation, and sudden increased wet weather conditions spiking in the past five years cause a series of issues in a factory setting. Most buildings do not have specific humidity control, causing all types of mildew, mold, and production problems. With proper moisture detection devices, wet weather conditions and rise in humidity scales protect manufacturing and factory buildings.

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Paper production factory

Importance of Dehumidification

Moisture control is the dehumidification of workspaces and regulating water scales to remain in their comfort control systems. To prevent manufacturing issues, a business must implement humidity control strategies and devices. Protecting hygroscopic products from absorbing unsafe water content will keep product integrity intact and optimize production. Dry foods, paper producing, mineral goods, and a multitude of other industry products naturally take in the excess moisture from the surrounding areas. Humid air in factories damages products and disrupts processing, resulting in quality reduction and shorter shelf-life.

Moisture Detection

Proper control of humidity and dew will improve your facility’s environment. Excess air water creates product and equipment damage such as cracking, fragility, and degradation. With the help of infrared analysis, moisture can be easily detected and removed. Regulated air quality can save on costly repairs associated with drywall replacement, mold and mildew remediation, and product damages.

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Hidden Problems

Moisture control is of utmost importance in factories. It is more of a challenge to maintain the right level of humidity than one might think. There are many reasons a factory can experience humid air quality from ventilation, mechanical systems, undetected building openings, and busted pipes. In every case, the comfort and health of the occupants, goods, and services are impacted by building humidity levels.

Infographic Common challenges with moisture control in factories

Unsafe humidity levels can be detrimental to product quality. Moisture detection devices are becoming increasingly important in factories, as they provide early warning signs of high moisture levels and enable timely interventions to prevent damage to the production process.