Moisture Sensors Brazil

We’re MoistTech, the worldwide leader in moisture management systems. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve established an extensive base of satisfied customers all across the globe, including moisture sensors Brazil uses for quality control. What sets us apart?

Quality and innovation.

When we first started out, the market for moisture sensors was crowded with products that were functional, but not much else. Most contained deficiencies, were poorly designed, and lacked the latest technology. Our goal was to create a better product – a superior NIR moisture gauge. We studied the offerings of our competitors, examined their flaws, and then created our own prototype with input from customers, and a focus on technology. It doesn’t end there.

MoistTech’s latest moisture sensor is the market leader in its field, and features state of the art advances in both software and hardware. Our moisture sensors use NIR (near infrared) and RF (radio frequency) technologies to maintain optimal moisture levels through instant non-contact measurement. Our sensors are also impervious to material variations, allowing for continuous, consistent readings. Their versatility allows them to be organized and adjusted to fit a number of mechanisms in nearly any application.

With offices around the world, we’re pleased to serve the following industries: tobacco, paper, converting, food, snack food, powders, forest products, chemical, wood, mining, pharmaceutical and gypsum. In addition to superior performance and reliability, our moisture management systems are used in the control and measurement of thousands of applications around the world, including: coating thickness, resin content, oil, protein, fat, nicotine, sugar, seasonings, plastic film thickness and many other constituents.

The bottom line is this — MoistTech’s transmitters are the most accurate, affordable, and innovative on the market today. We strive to offer our customers in Brazil the most advanced technology, and the best value, for their business.