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Measuring Moisture on a Conveyor

There are many industries that need to measure moisture on a conveyor belt during the production process. With more than 40 years of experience as an industry leader, MoistTech has teamed with industry partners to develop a solution to moisture measuring problems and brought the IR-3000 NIR moisture sensor to the market. This amazing state-of-the-art sensor gives highly accurate results in a short period.

Measure Moisture Accurately on a Conveyor

The IR-3000 NIR moisture sensor takes thousands of readings per second and has an accuracy of ±.05%. It is made to endure the harshest environments with continued accuracy. It is unaffected by heat or humidity. Mount it above your conveyor belt for continuous monitoring of your production line in real time. Feed these readings to your controlling computers to automate corrections needed in real time.

Other uses include:

  • Quality control can use it as a hand-held tool to spot check problem areas
  • Field technicians can take it into the field to get readings on service calls

Measure Moisture Conveniently

This new sensor from MoistTech offers the best in convenience:

  • Non-contact, non-destructive readings
  • Mounts above the conveyor belt, as well as before and after dryers and sprayers
  • RS232 and Ethernet interfaces for transferring data
  • Can feed to a network or an operator control laptop
  • Can be programmed to ignore changes in sample color, size, and height
  • Can be programmed to ignore the screws in the conveyor belt

Get More Info About Measuring Moisture on a Conveyor

Contact us to see how the IR-3000 can transform your company by measuring moisture on a conveyor. Request a quote today to see how economical it is to install. Talk with our knowledgeable engineers about the best setup for your application.