Moisture Content in Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIB)

There is hardly a device that we use in our daily life that doesn’t rely on lithium-ion batteries (LIB), from power tools, laptops, MP3 players and mobile phones, to e-bikes and other electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our IR3000C Near-Infrared (NIR) sensor is capable of measuring thickness of micro-porous separator film improving product consistency and quality. The 3000C Series provides continuous, reliable readings and is a one-time calibration, maintenance free, drift free optical design allowing for immediate process adjustments based on real-time measurements.  Using state of the art components allows our 3000C series sensor to be installed in the most extreme locations. As a result of MoistTech’s digital processing, only the IR3000C series provides true data for all of your thickness application needs.

The sensor should be installed several inches above the conveyor belt or screw conveyor so that it can continuously monitor the process and can control the moisture content either manually or automatically in the finished product. In addition to the MoistTech management software, MoistTech offers several readout options to display and/or adjust the measurement outputs.

Replacing slow, time-consuming off-line sample testing, freeing up personnel time and delivering quick payback through reduced scrap, faster start-up and reduced targets for LIB coat weight and separator film will ultimately increase the bottom line. The resulting consistent product performance and long battery life help to maintain customer and supply chain loyalty.

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