Weather undeniably brings changes to the environment. Often overlooked, factories, storage, and workspaces can all be victim to high moisture changes in the spring and summer seasons. With moisture detection and humidity control, Moist Tech’s invaluable technology brings a revolutionary line of products to better protect the interior environment of important factories and large businesses.

Humidity Control

With moisture detection devices, we are able to detect the rise and fall of moisture within the factory space. Keeping humidity levels at appropriate places can be a delicate challenge.  Room moisture can have implications of either massive rewards or rampant destruction if the balance is thrown. It can be costly in damages and repairs.

Humidity meter
Large factory with a lot of machinery

Proper Moisture Level

To control humidity, certified organizations (like the EPA) recommend indoor environments stay between 30-60% RH humidity levels. Moist Tech is a leading provider of moisture sensor products that are used to maintain humidity and moisture control in factories. These products are designed to accurately measure and monitor moisture levels in different environments and alert users to changes in humidity.

Importance of Moisture Control

Moisture control regulates proper moisture levels to ensure product quality. Without water regulation, it could result in mold growth, odors, increased dust mite populations, etc. Tipping the scales in the other direction is not a solid solution. When the air quality in factories is too dry you may have an increase in respiratory concerns, the spread of viruses, and contribute to rapid dehydration. Find your appropriate balance with MoistTech devices.

A man coughing into a tissue
A worker fixing a machine

Tools to Control Moisture

If you are in a laboratory or factory you know that humidity control is a critical factor for all involved. Infrared analysis and humidity monitors can assist a business to log when materials become saturated with water. Moisture Sensor Products are an invaluable resource in helping factories reduce their energy consumption and minimize the risk of costly damage.

Infographic: The role of humidity in moisture control in factories

Our products are imperative to protecting your business and goods. Don’t let your hard-earned and acquired revenue source be a drain. Get the moisture in your facility under control with MoistTechs impressive line of state-of-the-art moisture detection and control technology.