Learn More About How These Losses Happen

Moisture control in any manufacturing industry is essential for quality production. Not having the proper mechanisms for measuring the level of moisture can lead to the production of poor quality products that are not fit for the market resulting in a loss.

The number of product losses that occur every year is high, especially in those factories that don’t control the moisture levels adequately. Get a better understanding of how product loss occurs from moisture and find factory moisture control solutions from MoistTech Corp today!

Compromised Quality

If the ideal amount of moisture is not attained, then the production quality will also not be optimum. This often causes the production of poor-quality products that don’t appeal to the customers and end up selling for a fraction of the full price.

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MoistTech sensor with sand on it

Loss Due to Waste

Waste and poor-quality products go hand in hand. For instance, if the quality is severely compromised, then the product cannot make the market and ends up destroyed or dumped, creating a total loss for your company.

Equipment Damage

Uncontrolled moisture also compromises the efficiency of the equipment and machines in the factory, leading to a decline in production. While this is not a direct loss to the product itself, the effects are felt when the total amount of production and energy consumption goes down.

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MoistTech sensor


High levels of moisture increase the chances of contamination and product purity. Contamination often occurs through microorganisms that render the product unfit for consumption. This is particularly true for food processing industries.

Moisture issues in factories is a problem that needs to be addressed with urgency lest you compromise the entire operation of your factory. One way of getting the data that will help you track the levels of moisture is with our MoistTech Corp factory moisture control devices. This technology is reliable and requires little maintenance on your end, making it a simple solution for your business!