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The Importance of Moisture Measurement and Control During Production

The moisture content requirements in snack food manufacturing dictate many of the product outcomes: taste, consistency, quality, and shelf life. Utilizing an experienced moisture management system will allow the user to have full control over the manufacturing process to create a reduction in waste and downtime, improve plant efficiency and product quality, save energy through proper dryer control and allow for full product inspection.  

Too much or too little moisture are both a concern for snack food manufacturers as some food items are actually sold by weight, so their moisture content effects the price and the taste of most snack foods are often based heavily off their moisture content – too much creates a stale tasting product and also contributes to mold and bacteria growth.


Many snack foods including crackers and chips are sprayed with oil and flavorings in the production process. It is crucial to control the moisture in the snacks, and the amount of oil added to ensure the best consistency and flavor of the product. Moisture can be measured in critical places along the production line to allow for changes in dryer times and keep product consistency a priority. Sensors can also measure oil coatings after sprayers to ensure the amount of oil or flavorings that are being used.

Measure Moisture in Real Time Now!

MoistTech offers multiple sensor options to suit your specific application needs including the standard IR3000 series and IR-3000-F series that is Nickel Plated to specifically allow for food environments where frequent wash downs occur and protects against corrosion and abrasion. The food grade sensor includes a Kel-F window in place of our standard glass.

Learn more about the IR3000-F sensor here. 

Benefits of Proper Moisture Analysis

Our sensor calibrations, measurement wavelengths, algorithms and sensor optical requirements are pre-set at the factory. With impeccable accuracy and consistency, there are a multitude of benefits that are immediately seen with a proper moisture measurement and control system from MoistTech: 

  • Typical accuracy is about ±0.1% moisture
  • Typical analog range is 0-10% moisture
  • The outputs can be adjusted to optimize PLC or recording requirements
  • Little to Zero Maintenance
  • No need for re-calibration or yearly maintenance
  • Can be installed anywhere on the line – even at an angle
  • Made for harsh environments near ovens and sprayers
  • RS232 and Ethernet compatible for real-time control
  • Thousands of measurements per second

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MoistTech Corp. manufactures the diamond standard in moisture measurement sensors, service, and support. With over 40 years of experience, our equipment stands above the competition providing continuous, reliable readings with zero maintenance, a one-time calibration with a non-drift optical design that allows operational personnel to confidently make line adjustments based on real-time measurements.

Near-Infrared Moisture Detection is State-of-the-Art

The precision of NIR moisture sensors can help increase the quality of your product resulting in less lost time and money. 

Combining our long experience with improvements suggested by our customers, we’ve designed a better, more precise and more accurate NIR moisture sensor.

More Precision Than Other Technologies

The 3000 Series Near Infrared moisture sensor is designed to not only be more accurate but to be low maintenance as well. An initial calibration is all it takes, and our NIR moisture sensor is ready to go. The IR-3000 uses NIR technology to take precise measurements in percentage wet and percentage dry, allowing you to make real time adjustments either automatically or manually. Our NIR moisture sensor will help you achieve a better, more consistent product.

Instant ROI

The most “bang for the buck” happens when you can control the moisture in the process through an automatic, feed-back-loop control system. A feed-back-loop changes the process based on the in-line measurement. If the collection and analysis of real-time data is the only purpose of the testing, but the analysis of the data has potential to define substantive future process changes, an in-line solution may have a high potential ROI.

Avoid Downtime with Quick Measurements

Enjoy immediate adjustments to your process based on real-time measurements from our online NIR sensors. Avoid costly downtime and excessive scrap by catching any out-of-tolerance readings as quickly as possible. Immediate changes can be made to your production line to stop extra waste and keep the line moving. Connect our sensors directly to your PLC by RS232 or Ethernet for complete software control of your line.

Unbeatable Accuracy & Reliability

Our non-drift optical design gives you repeatable results in the most accurate measurements available. Calibrated from the factory, the sensor requires no further maintenance to maintain their accuracy. Results are unaffected by heat or humidity.

Installation Tips

If the sensor has to be installed close to the oven outlet where it will be susceptible to extreme heat conditions, it is necessary to cool the sensor with either air or water. Furthermore, if the sensor is located near an oil spray, it is necessary to clean the sensor’s optical window during regular routine cleaning.

Installing the MoistTech moisture sensor at the exit of the ovens and/or close to packaging will allow the snack food time to stabilize while cooling. Ideally, installing a sensor a minute after the ovens while being several inches above the belt or screw conveyor so that a baker can continuously monitor the process and adjust the moisture content if needed. If the snacks have gone through an oil spray, it is important to install the sensor at an angle to cut down any reflectant from the oil coating.

Constant Return on Investment

Top of the line solutions for manufacturing efficiency: MoistTech’s NIR sensor is installed in the processing area, manufacturers can continuously monitor the moisture and/or oil content to adjust as needed.  An ideal moisture control system accurately detects the moisture levels at different stages of the process to allow line personnel to make needed changes to avoid downtime and wasted product – creating efficiency with proficiency!​

Processing line improvements are immediately noticed once a moisture management system is installed. Measuring moisture throughout the process provides users with:

  • Energy & Fuel Cost Savings
  • Consistent & Immediate Oven/Dryer Control
  • Lower Product Waste
  • Better Quality, Appearance, Stability & Shelf Life
  • Improved Product Taste and Consistency

Client Testimonials

“Potato flake is mixed with oil, water, butter flavor, salt, milk powder and a mix of other minor ingredients. This is then dried and sent to packaging. Moisture measurement is important to ensure that we are in spec for quality and prevent spoilage. Our plant prefers MoistTech over other NIR sensors we have tried in the past … we have reduced our out of spec product due to moisture content.”

Food Industry

“The knowledgeable MoistTech Team provides our organization with outstanding support through the development and implementation process.  We have worked together on a variety of different projects and applications; their experience has enabled our engineering team to properly evaluate and design systems that meet with our customer’s requirements.”

Food Processing Industry

“The system is working very well with an efficiency improvement of 400-600 % improvement in moisture control. We are also looking at promoting this to a best practice suitable for our other plants and shingle lines.”

Minerals Industry