Why Does MoistTech Use Near-Infrared (NIR) Technology?

NIR technology is the state-of-the-art, fast, non-destructive method of measuring and controlling moisture content. It is a proven technology that allows us to measure moisture without coming into contact with the product, does not create wasted product, provides instant, accurate and repeatable results and uses a simple light source for measurement, allowing for longer use of equipment. 

What Benefits are Seen with Moisture Control?

  • Improved Product Quality Monitoring
  • Increased Plant Efficiency
  • Lower Energy Costs & Less Waste
  • Precise Dryer Control
  • Low Cost & High Accuracy – Instant ROI
  • Low to Zero Maintenance
  • Process Optimization

Why Control Moisture on the Manufacturing Line?

Moisture content in most products can have an undesired effect on the quality of the final product. Controlling and adjusting the moisture content throughout the process can eliminate numerous common issues. 

Where Can the Sensor be Mounted to Provide the Best Results?

Installation of the on-line versions of the sensor vary depending on the application it is being utilized for, but the most common installation locations are: Belt, Screw Conveyor, Chute, Roller, Chain, Drag & Elevator Conveyors, Cyclones, Bins, Before/After Dryer or Boiler, Webs, Pipelines, & Pneumatic Conveyors. We suggest installing 4-16” from the product using the bracket on the back or top of the sensor.

What Products Can MoistTech Measure Moisture In?

MoistTech has extensive experience in hundreds of applications including Adhesives, Chemicals, Coating, Converting, Food, Forest Products, Hemp/Cannabis, Minerals, Paper, Plastics, Renewable Energy, Textiles, Tobacco, Web & More. MoistTech offers both on-line and at-line/laboratory sensors to best suit any application need. 

Can MoistTech Measure More Than Moisture?

Yes! Our sensors have the ability to measure moisture, coating weight, sheet and film thickness, oil, protein, temperature and other elements that absorb NIR light. Accuracy and repeatability is in the +/- 0.01%-0.1% range, depending on the application.

What Kind of Software and Display Options Do I Need?

Eash MoistTech sensor comes standard with the needed Windows software for basic operation. It comes with unlimited licensing capabilities and can be displayed on as many PC’s as needed. Display options are available at an additional cost but not required for operation. 

What if the Product Line Moves Fast, Does the Sensor Still Work?

Yes! The sensors are unaffected by speed, material height, color or particle size

How Does the Sensor Work?

Insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height & color, our moisture sensors provide continuous, reliable readings with zero maintenance. There is a one-time calibration with a non-drift optical design allowing operational personnel to confidently make immediate process adjustments based on real-time measurements. 

Production efficiency improvements due to accurate real-time measurements provide both energy savings and potential increased productivity with lower material losses. Our sensors use state-of-the-art components allowing installation in the most extreme locations. As a result of MoistTech’s advanced digital processing, only the 3000 series provides true data regardless of gaps and interruptions of product flow on the belt or screw conveyors. In addition to the MoistTech management software, we offer several read-out options to display and / or adjust the measurement outputs.

Do You Have a Rep in my Area?

MoistTech operates worldwide and has reps located in each continent ready to serve your needs. Submit a request to us with your location and needs and we will connect you with the rep in your area. We are available for on-site setup if needed but ensure all sensors are pre-calibrated to your specific application needs prior to leaving our facility, drastically minimizing the need for assistance once you receive it. We are happy to provide top quality customer service to you and your team to ensure you have a pleasant experience with MoistTech and all your moisture control and measurement needs are met.

What Sensor Options are Available for On-Line Use?

IR-3000: MoistTech’s NIR (Near Infrared) online moisture sensor for instant, non-contact measurement of virtually any product and raw material in the harshest manufacturing environments. Many options are available for the 3000 series accessories and displays

IR-3000 – IP67: MoistTech’s IR3000-IP67 online sensor is designed to withstand wash-downs, dusty/dirty environments and to protect it against the effects of immersion. Its rugged stainless steel enclosure makes it ideal for the harshest environments, aggressive process applications and the industry’s extreme temperatures. IP67 include an integrated air vortex or liquid cooling system that is rated from 0 degrees Celsius to 93 degrees Celsius; additionally, insulation wraps are available.

CCS-3000: Moisttech’s CCS 3000 NIR (Near Infrared) online moisture sensor is specifically designed for the chemicalminerals, and many other tough applications considered difficult to measure with traditional technologies

828 Tobacco: MoistTech’s 828 NIR (Near Infrared) online moisture sensor specifically designed for tobacco processing applications for instant, non-contact measurement in harsh tobacco environments. The model 828 is the answer to controlling moisture in primary processing, leaf processing and cut tobacco applications.

Are There Off-Line or Laboratory Units Available?

868 Laboratory Sensor: MoistTech’s 868 Sensor features a removable, rotating sampling dish that was designed for rapid moisture determination of non-homogeneous products providing the most accurate true moisture reading. Samples of product are placed in the dish can provide precise measurements in as fast as 3 seconds.

858 Laboratory Sensor:  MoistTech’s IRMA 858 is the first moisture sensor where samples are measured from the bottom up in a sealed, quartz based container. With samples in a completely sealed chamber eliminates any constituent losses that are caused by handling and in the environment providing the most accurate true moisture reading.

We also offer numerous display options and accessories to enhance the measurement of your product. All of our sensors come with our Software kit included at no extra charge, many companies charge extra for this portion!

Which Sensor is Best for my Application?

MoistTech’s flagship sensor is the IR3000 and can be applied to many different applications. Depending on the product you are manufacturing, MoistTech Corp. offers various On-Line and At-Line solutions for your moisture control needs. Darker material products such as coal will require the CCS 3000 model; extreme heat conditions will require the iP67 rated sensor and conditions where permitted, an explosion proof sensor is available. We also offer multiple laboratory options in addition to the on-line option directly applied on the manufacturing line.

MoistTech’s series of online moisture sensors for measurement are designed for full real time process control. Designed and developed for instant non-contact measurement for all types of moisture sensor applications, the sensors are engineered to allow users to optimize their process and dramatically improve product quality. Unsurpassed in performance, stability, reliability, maintainability and cost of ownership, the MoistTech series of moisture analysis sensors are the answer to controlling moisture in your product either on the manufacturing line or in a laboratory setting, we have the right equipment for the job.

How Does the Sensor Connect into my Processing Line?

As standard, there are three isolated 4-20mA outputs along with an Ethernet connector and a second one for RS-232/485 serial communication.

What Makes MoistTech Stand Out Over the Competition?

With over 40 years of moisture technology experience MoistTech has established the most extensive user base in the moisture management industry. Our main goal is to analyze the deficiencies of existing gauges, incorporate customer feedback & new technology available, together with our own extensive knowledge into a superior sensor design. MoistTech Corp. is recognized as the world’s leader in moisture measurement for online process and laboratory moisture instrumentation using NIR (Near Infrared) technology in addition to superior customer service. We stand behind our product 100%, we will earn your business through proven results.

How Much Does a Sensor Cost?

MoistTech’s sensors come with multiple options including: measuring multiple constituents at once (moisture, thickness, oil, protein, humidity, temperature etc.), storing multiple calibrations making switching back and forth from measuring various products seamless, numerous display options for monitoring measurements and a large number of accessories designed to make the measurement of your application superb. Once a representative from MoistTech reviews the application with you and your specific needs, we can make an immediate recommendation with pricing quote for your consideration. All of our sensors come with our Software kit included at no extra charge, many companies charge extra for this portion!

What is the Timeframe from Order to Install?

A standard sensor after calibration shipped is approx. 2-4 weeks, depending how quickly we could get samples of the product to Sarasota for the team to work on the calibrations. This time frame also includes the standard connections on the sensor without any optional interfaces needed.

Can the Sensor be Installed Outside?

Yes, our enclosures are designed as NEMA4 IP65 and IP67 with IP68 connections. Our sensors can be installed outside. We ask that the spot of measure and sensor are protected from weather conditions such as rain and direct sunlight. Most common our sensors are installed with a shield or below a shelter.