We understand our customers’ needs and we work hard to ensure that our state of the art equipment and in-depth product applications deliver maximum results. Our proven experience and expertise provide our customers with personalized service that is second to none. Here are just some of our customer testimonials that show the importance of moisture measurement and control. 

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From Our Customers:

“Seriously, I am truly impressed by your product…”

“We received sludge from 15-20 different paper mill directly dumped in a bin than transferred on a conveyor to be burned in our cogen plant. Your system was installed on the conveyor and precisely monitor humidity so I was able to identify exactly when too humid sludge was delivered.

Now I have stopped the problematic mill and since then, we were able to increase sludge consumption by 100T/day… for 1 month now, we don’t receive these really humid sludge anymore so we have no more humidity spike as before”

M. C. - QC Canada

Terminal Superintendent, Waste Facility

Noticeable Differences in the Pellet Process:

“Making pellets is a fairly straightforward process from a 30,000 foot view, we feed biomass into a pellet mill die chamber and the rolls work to press out a beautiful pellet with a high quality sheen right?  Not so fast, there are a number of metrics that must be considered when it comes to making a quality pellet day in and day out.  Something to know about pellet mills is that they are only as efficient as the consistency of the material that is being inputted.  There are several factors that must be considered such as: the wood species, the die specifications, the grind size, the geometry of the grind, the conveyance, binder requirements and so on.  However one metric that is often overlooked or rather I should say undervalued is the moisture rate of the biomass.  Sure we know that already you say, however time and time again I have seen this area neglected in biomass pelletizing systems due to a lack of knowledge about its importance.  I have found that changing the moisture percentage even by as little as 1% makes a noticeable difference in the pellet quality both in the durability and in the sheen.  If the moisture rate varies by 3-5% it is almost impossible to consistently make a durable pellet at all.  The other factor that moisture directly affects is the amperage of the main drive on the pellet mill.  In wood pelleting specifically, if the moisture rate trends upwards the amperage of the motor swings upwards as well.  When the moisture rate drops the amperage falls significantly.  This bouncing of the amperage rate can have a detrimental effect on the production capacity of the pellet mill.  I have seen over a 20% decrease in production rates simply because the inbound biomass wasn’t a consistent moisture, not to mention there is the possibility of plugging the mill. 

How is this overcome?  We have found that by using MoistTech’s IR3000 moisture sensors, we are able to make adjustments to the programming of the dryer system to provide a more consistent biomass moisture rate in real time that directly correlates to a higher production capacity and a better quality pellet.  I highly recommend their system.  It is robust, accurate and their customer service has been fantastic!”

Nate Harris

President, Custom Pelleting Services


Above the Competition:

Our company had a competitive moisture gauge installed on the forming line.  The gauge would continually fail due to high temperature and the cost to replace the gauge was around 25K t0 30K.  Cost to repair was 15K to 20K and repair time was excessive.  The competiting company could not supply a vortex cooling mechanism and went through both new gauge and repair several times. Not happy.

We contacted MoistTech  and they supplied an IR 3000 moisture gauge with a vortex cooling panel.  Gauge has been running without any problem due to heat, and is correlating with lab test results within 0.1% – a huge improvement and money savings


Plant Manager, MDF Manufacturing

The addition of the MoistTech IR3000s have provided me with the ability to control our process by instantly increasing or decreasing the material flow into the dryer. This variation of our material flow is based on the moisture content and belt scales to provide a dry weight. Prior to the MoistTech technology proved to be a guessing game and time consuming OWL laboratory tests post dryer


Wood/Forestry Industry East Coast

For the last few years we have integrated the MoistTech Online Sensor into our customer’s scopes with the goal of a fully optimized closed loop control. When integrated with our stacker reclaimed the results are lower operating costs, safer storage and improved product quality. The instant feedback informs our plant personnel of controlled moisture all throughout the entire process.

Raw Materials Industry East Coast

Return on Investment:

Our company’s manufacturing division had a competitive moisture gauge installed on their forming line.  The gauge would continually fail due to high temperature and give multiple other issues causing delay in production.  We looked for options and the cost to replace the gauge was estimated to be around $25K to $30K and the cost to repair was $15K to $20K — and repair time was excessive.  The competitive moisture sensor company could not supply a vortex cooling mechanism which is needed to relieve the overheating issue in the sensor.  Unfortunately, we opted to go through both new gauge and repair several times, in which we were not happy with the results.

MoistTech Corp. came in and supplied an IR3000 moisture gauge with a vortex cooling panel a few months ago, and to our complete satisfaction, the gauge has been running without any problem due to heat, and is correlating with lab test results within 0.1%.


MDF Manufacturing

Adhesive Coating Improvements: 

The IR3000 sensor combined with the programmable linear slide provides us with real time coat weight readings across every part of the substrate.  Problems are corrected early in the process, resulting in substantial reductions in waste.  Set up times are reduced as much as 50% because lab tests are no longer required to verify coat weights. Previously we attempted to solve the issues with redundant systems for measuring consumption – these often resulted in more confusion. Set up times are reduced as much as 50% because lab tests are no longer required to verify coat weights.


Packaging and Converting Industry

Paperboard Moisture:

Our customer was having issues with controlling the moisture on different types of paperboard. Before the MoistTech IR-3000 Online Moisture Sensor was installed, the only method of measurement was by grabbing a sample and taking it to the lab. Their lab method consists on weighting the sample, drying at a low temperature for a certain amount of time and then weighting it again, based on the lost weight they calculate the amount of moisture of the product. Unfortunately, this method takes a lot of time and if the product is running out of the moisture range needed then by the time they figure out the moisture content is too late and this represent loss of energy and product that needs to be reclaimed.

By installing the MoistTech IR-3000 Online Moisture sensor over the process, our customer could now monitor the moisture continuously at a +/- 0.1% accuracy which helped tremendously with being able to make any adjustments on the speed or the temperature of their dryers. The sensor was also integrated with their PLC using one of our three 4-20mA outputs.

Not only can the IR-3000 measure moisture but also our customer applies a water based coating to some of their product and our sensor can measure the thickness of the coating at a very successful accuracy. Installing the IR-3000 Online Sensor will help our customer act immediately on any issues that might arise during production.


Paper Industry

EIP Configuration: 

Recently while setting up the Ethernet/IP communications on our 3000 Series Sensor we received this great feedback. Our customer was initially having questions connecting our IR3000 EIP to his network.  While he phoned in for office support, he went back to our Software CD and found the manual on configuration of the EIP module. This bit of information contains all necessary documents including the .eds file and add on instructions supplied by MoistTech Corp.  From there he was able to configure the EIP module and install the .eds file and add on instructions without any difficulties.  He has complete communication with the device and is able to see all the information coming from the gauge at his PLC


Powder Bulk Solid Industry

Top Expertise:

The knowledgeable MoistTech Team provides our organization with outstanding support through the development and implementation process.  We have worked together on a variety of different projects and applications; their experience has enabled our engineering team to properly evaluate and design systems that meet with our customer’s requirements.


Processing Industry

Production Efficiency: 

“The system is working very well with an efficiency improvement of 400-600 % improvement in moisture control. We are also looking at promoting this to a best practice suitable for our other plants and shingle lines. I used the continuous 4-20 mA output directly into our analog computer and has been running for nearly (1) year without fail!”


Powder Bulk Solid Industry

Pricing Objections:

“Based on your [customer service] interactions with me over the demo period, the products ease of use and user manual clarity, self-repair capability and matching competing warranties … in the end you were not the cheapest but the other factors listed ruled the day”


Processing Industry