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Manufacturing Improvements with Moisture Control

Knowing the quality of your wood products as the wood enters your manufacturing process gives the greatest possible control over the quality of your final product. This lowers waste, increases efficiency, increases quality, and reduces down-time. Adding a MoistTech Moisture Sensor in-line with your flight conveyor, log turner, or sharp chain gives you instant access to the quality of goods entering your production line.

Managing the moisture content in wood products is among the most significant issues in production of the forest and wood industry. An unwanted amount of moisture can cause large impacts on the final product quality and also interfere with proper production. MoistTech’s NIR (near-infrared) moisture sensor allows wood manufacturers to easily adjust moisture levels on real time information. Proper moisture measurement and management can create lower raw material and fuel costs, provide higher returns, as well as produce much more consistent product.

The MoistTech IR-3000 moisture sensor has been used extensively within the wood products industry and is ideal for process control of dryers, blenders and incoming raw material providing real-time moisture measurement. Installation is quick and simple and only needs the wood moisture sensor to be mounted a few inches above the product. MoistTech’s product database allows us to pre-calibrate the wood moisture sensor. With known product moisture samples each instrument can be calibrated within a few minutes prior to shipment. Field installation then becomes even simpler.

As the forestry and lumber industry become more specialized and demands for unique hardwoods increases, wood products and wood resin products depend on the highest quality of raw materials. Use MoistTech’s IR-3000 Moisture Sensor to get the most efficient production line at the start of the process.

The IR-3000 stores calibrations that can be transferred to other instruments on similar process applications. Each wood moisture sensor is identical, which then allows calibration settings to be used on all instruments on the same application ranges. Standard power requirements and all outputs are incorporated. The sensor provides extensive data through Ethernet connection or if required has several 4-20 ma outputs together ever other common output. Operator interface and digital displays can also be provided. For additional information or to discuss your application, please contact MoistTech.

Wood Product Veneer

Moisture content of wood affects many wood properties such as strength, drying, glue curing and bond performance. Moisture measurement is an important part of process control during veneer production in order to keep pace with the flow of materials. With MoistTech’s NIR moisture sensors real-time data is fed directly to the mills distributed control system for process control.

Wood Product Blending

Product that is put to the blender is critical to the plant operation. Correct wood moisture content will allow for precise blending addition that in turn will reduce waste and provide significant cost savings. Many plants report savings alone pay for the cost of moisture / resin control within weeks of installation. At the exit of the blender the process can be refined to confirm the correct resin addition thus preventing press explosions from high moisture in the forming process. Blown boards can be eliminated and precise moisture / resin control will ensure excellent board properties. Trend analysis that is incorporated into the software in each sensor will allow the operator to prevent problems before they cause production interruptions

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Raw Material & Hog Fuel

In the intake and processing of raw materials, maintaining precise control over moisture levels is imperative. Monitoring the moisture content of raw materials upon intake into the mill is pivotal for assessing their quality. This becomes even more crucial considering that inaccurate determination of moisture content can result in significant financial losses, particularly when raw materials are purchased by weight.

During the processing of materials such as bark and forest waste, ensuring optimal moisture content is paramount. Failure to accurately measure moisture levels can lead to inefficient processing, excessive energy consumption, diminished product quality, and wastage — ultimately escalating operational costs.

Wood Product Dryer Measurement

Lumber drying is one of the most expensive and important phases of hardwood processing to help improve lumber quality and lower dryer costs. Incoming wood moisture measurement together with feed rate can prevent overloading the dryer. Mills that use NIR for moisture measurement and control benefit from a reduction in fuel consumption and maximization of energy efficiency by reducing CO2 emissions during drying.  Additionally reducing “dusting” that occurs when heat is too high and moisture is too low resulting in product loss. Additionally, measurement of material at the exit ensures that material going to the blender if at the optimum moisture content for resin addition as well as optimizes moisture prior to the palletizer (10-20%).  Moisture measurement at the exit of the dryer can save significant amount of fuel while more importantly prevent fires or explosion risk. Trend analysis that is incorporated into each sensor can be used to give operator knowledge of problems before they happen.

Let’s Build Something Together

Are you looking to measure and control the moisture within your process? We have installed thousands of sensors in even the harshest conditions and would strive to earn your business!

Near-Infrared Moisture Detection is State-of-the-Art

The precision of NIR moisture sensors can help increase the quality of your product resulting in less lost time and money. 

Combining our long experience with improvements suggested by our customers, we’ve designed a better, more precise and more accurate NIR moisture sensor.

More Precision Than Other Technologies

The 3000 Series Near Infrared moisture sensor is designed to not only be more accurate but to be low maintenance as well. An initial calibration is all it takes, and our NIR moisture sensor is ready to go. The IR-3000 uses NIR technology to take precise measurements in percentage wet and percentage dry, allowing you to make real time adjustments either automatically or manually. Our NIR moisture sensor will help you achieve a better, more consistent product.

Instant ROI

The most “bang for the buck” happens when you can control the moisture in the process through an automatic, feed-back-loop control system. A feed-back-loop changes the process based on the in-line measurement. If the collection and analysis of real-time data is the only purpose of the testing, but the analysis of the data has potential to define substantive future process changes, an in-line solution may have a high potential ROI.

Avoid Downtime with Quick Measurements

Enjoy immediate adjustments to your process based on real-time measurements from our online NIR sensors. Avoid costly downtime and excessive scrap by catching any out-of-tolerance readings as quickly as possible. Immediate changes can be made to your production line to stop extra waste and keep the line moving. Connect our sensors directly to your PLC by RS232 or Ethernet for complete software control of your line.

Unbeatable Accuracy & Reliability

Our non-drift optical design gives you repeatable results in the most accurate measurements available. Calibrated from the factory, the sensor requires no further maintenance to maintain their accuracy. Results are unaffected by heat or humidity.

Moisture Technology for Wood Applications

When you’re working with various wood applications, the ability to sense moisture in your products is imperative. MoistTech Corp. has developed a wide variety of sensors and technology that will allow you to carefully inspect and create wood products with little to no moisture content.

Client Testimonials

“The knowledgeable MoistTech Team provides our organization with outstanding support through the development and implementation process.  We have worked together on a variety of different projects and applications; their experience has enabled our engineering team to properly evaluate and design systems that meet with our customer’s requirements.”

Processing Industry

“Our company’s manufacturing division had a competitive moisture gauge installed on their forming line.  The gauge would continually fail due to high temperature and give multiple other issues causing delay in production.  We looked for options and the cost to replace the gauge was estimated to be around $25K to $30K and the cost to repair was $15K to $20K — and repair time was excessive. MoistTech Corp. came in and supplied an IR3000 moisture gauge with a vortex cooling panel a few months ago, and to our complete satisfaction, the gauge has been running without any problem due to heat and is correlating with lab test results within 0.1%.”

MDF Industry

“I have found that changing the moisture percentage even by as little as 1% makes a noticeable difference in the pellet quality both in the durability and in the sheen. If the moisture rate varies by 3-5% it is almost impossible to consistently make a durable pellet at
all. The other factor that moisture directly affects is the amperage of the main drive on the pellet mill… I have seen over a 20% decrease in production rates simply because the inbound biomass wasn’t a consistent moisture, not to mention there is the
possibility of plugging the mill. How is this overcome? We have found that by using Moisttech’s IR3000 moisture sensors, we are able to make adjustments to the programming of the dryer system to provide a more consistent biomass moisture rate in real time”

Wood Industry

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