MoistTech Moisture Sensor Applications

The Diamond Standard in Moisture Sensors

With over 40 years in the moisture management industry, MoistTech analyzers can be found in thousands of applications all over the world. Our moisture meters save manufacturers a large amount of time and money by quickly detecting variables in the manufacturing process and allowing corrections to be made in real time. In addition to measuring moisture, our moisture sensors can also measure and control: coating thickness, oil, resin content, protein, fat, sugar, seasonings, nicotine, plastic film thickness, and many other constituents. We are unsurpassed in performance and accuracy for NIR moisture measurement technology for instant on-line, off-line, and laboratory moisture instrumentation.


Animal Food






Human Food


Minerals/Bulk Materials


Renewable Energy


Snack Foods







Why MoistTech?


Unaffected by product variants such as material size, height, or color. Our sensors require only a one-time calibration and are maintenance-free with a non-drift optical design, allowing line operators to perform immediate process modifications based on real-time measurements.


MoistTech sensors and gauges are designed to allow users to optimize their processes and dramatically improve product quality. The newly developed IR-3000 moisture sensors and software can be configured and calibrated for numerous components in virtually any application.


With extreme efficiency, low cost, and high accuracy, a moisture control sensor can provide a multitude of benefits beyond product quality by controlling the moisture content. Rely on MoistTech’s NIR moisture sensors to never drift or need re-calibration


Reducing front-end expenses and increasing quality and efficiency is easy with MoisTech. A moisture measurement system is essential for the production process and in some cases will pay for itself in less than 30 days

Unbeatable Accuracy in Moisture Control

Avoid downtime with quick measurements, rely on unbeatable accuracy, and enjoy versatility in installation placement with MoistTech’s state-of-the-art moisture detection system. 

Reducing front-end expenses and increasing quality and efficiency has always been a top priority for producers, highlighting the need for companies to thoroughly evaluate their current methods of reducing waste – wasted efforts, wasted energy, and wasted product. Evaluating and implementing lean manufacturing principles assists in eliminating waste and improving overall plant production. With the implementation of moisture control systems, manufacturing plants can save a large amount of money in a short amount of time.

When considering the many challenges that plant operators are tasked with, moisture control plays a large role. Moisture content can affect product quality and equipment function, making it a crucial focal point in the proactive avoidance of quality control issues

Start seeing the ROI in the FIRST 30 DAYS of use! With reduced waste, increased productivity, less downtime, and improved product lines, the utilization of a MoistTech moisture meter is essential for proper quality control in a variety of applications. We are confident our system is the best fit for your application, and better yet, we offer a 30day performance guarantee to ensure success with our customers.

Multiple Benefits

  • Increased Productivity
  • Dryer Control Optimization
  • Oven or Dryer Efficiency Control
  • Higher Quality Products
  • Instant Data That Can Be Linked To a PLC
  • Accurate and Repeatable Moisture Measurement Data
  • Plant Production Efficiency Monitoring
  • Decreased Human Errors
  • Immediate Line Adjustments in the Process
  • Low Cost – Immediate ROI
  • Reduce Downtime by Eliminating Manual Testing
  • Reduce Wasted Product
  • Maintenance Free Design
  • OneTime Calibration – PreCalibrated from Factory to Your Exact Product
  • Zero Drifting – No Yearly Adjustments Needed
  • Low Energy Costs

Increasing Efficiency Can Decrease Human Error

Get high quality and accurate moisture measuring sensors. Learn more about MoistTech and our Near-Infrared Technology. Our technology is designed to be compatible with a variety of industries and production lines.