Its Easy to See Why MoistTech is #1

Numerous features and advantages come with a proper moisture measurement and control system – which is essential to proper quality control!

Highest Standards in Manufacturing

MoistTech manufactures all of its sensors in the United States and obtains parts that will have a longer than usual life span. From the assembly to the extensively researched technology used, all of MoistTech’s sensors adhere to the highest standards and provide customers with their extensive engineering expertise needed to outperform other technologies.

Non-Contact, Instant Measurements

The sensor never comes in contact with the product, allowing for no downtime or wasted product

Low Cost & High Accuracy

See instant ROI upon install with continuous reliable readings with zero maintenance or drift

Advanced Software

Each MoistTech sensor comes with advanced software with the ability to connect into your current system

Unbeatable Accuracy

NIR technology allows for the highest accuracy of readings and repeatability – use only the best technology!

Extreme Efficiency

Measure moisture, oil, temperature or thickness with one sensor – and store up to 50 product codes to easily change calibrations

Placement Versatility

  • Belt installations
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Drag & Enclosed Conveyors
  • Chutes, Cylcones & Bins
  • Before/After Dryer or boiler
  • Webs
  • Pipeline