When it comes to the production of salt, it is important to consider its exposure to moisture during every step of the process. Being able to quickly and accurately monitor those levels can help increase the quality of your product, the efficiency of your process, and more. Learn more about moisture control systems that can help ensure that you are producing quality content from MoistTech. Discover the benefits of near-infrared moisture control and get your quote today!

Near-Infrared Technology

Near-infrared technology (NIR) allows for instantaneous and accurate data about the level of moisture on your production line. We use the latest methods to ensure that you get accurate data right away about the state of your line or storage unit. This allows you to make crucial decisions quickly that can impact the quality and integrity of your salt.

Why Moisture Measurement Matters

The production, handling, and storage of substances as sensitive as salt is a difficult process to maintain. The slightest bit of moisture can throw off the entirety of your product and lead to extensive amounts of wasted product. Having up-to-date information about the levels of moisture on your production line and in your storage will help you manage levels more efficiently so that you can make changes as needed and prevent the need to toss out your salt.


    A large benefit of utilizing the moisture control sensors from MoistTech is that it is extremely versatile and easy to handle. Our units can be installed on almost any production line or storage unit with ease and give you instant access to important information immediately. You’ll be able to start monitoring moisture levels and increasing your efficiency right away.

    The Benefits of NIR Technology

    Once you have had one of our moisture control units installed on your production line, you will notice the benefits immediately. You will be able to better control the quality of your product, increase production efficiency, and lower energy use. The process becomes simplified and you can see the results in real-time with assistance from MoistTech.

    Make sure to maintain the integrity of the salt you produce when you use NIR moisture sensor technology from MoistTech. Reach out to our team for a quote on an installation and take control of the moisture levels on your production line today!