Display Options

MoistTech’s series of online moisture sensors have the option to connect with an array of display options as well as additional accessories, depending on your exact application needs. Our qualified technical staff can assist you with the display and accessories best suited for you and explain how each one operated in detail.

OP-14 PLC Interface IP67

OP-14 Operator Panel is a PLC based separately mounted unit, communicates with the MoistTech sensors though RS-232C Cable. Large numerical display and full screen trend display. Online control, calibration and measurement display for all 3000 series sensors. Rated IP-67 dust & water tight.

OUI Operator Interface Unit

OUI Operator Interface Unit is a separately mounted unit that communicates with the MoistTech sensor through ethernet cable. Large numerical display provides online control, calibration and measurement display for all 3000 series sensors. A flat panel PC uses the Windows CE operating system and color LCD touch panel screen for interface to the connected sensor. Rated IP-65 NEMA 4. 

Remote Digital Panel Meter DPM2-UDM

Remote Digital Panel Meter DPM2-UDM uses the 4-20mA output to display a local 3.5” digital display. Sealed for wash-down protection and dust tight. Front-side tactile-touch buttons provide programming input to set up the DPM. LED numerical characters.

M_Konnect Multi-function Display Unit

M_Konnect Multi-Function Display Unit communicates through the internal RS232 Serial communication and is capable of displaying up to 4 simultaneous measurements from the one connected sensor. It has a sampling function calculated the average value and standard deviation for accurate cross checking against laboratory methods. 

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Calibration Check Standards: Includes carrying case; high/low moisture references for us with online sensors

Water Cooling Panel OR Air Cooling Panel with Vortex Tube: for installations temperature max (70C)

Base & STand for On-Line Moisture Sensor: for offline table top mounting

Product Loss Sensors: for On-Line 3000 series sensor

Non-Contact Product Temperature: internal pyrometer for product monitoring

Transmission Adapter: installed in place of standard light tube. For horizontal measurement for moisture and thickness


Pneumatic Sampler – All 3000 Series

Purging Sampler System for Fines / Powders: snorkel sampler with solenoid. Available: 110VAC, 220VAC, 24V

Purging Sampler System for Bulk Materials: snorkel sampler with solenoid. Available: 110VAC, 220VAC, 24V

Snorkel Window: with flange for enclosed conveyors


Flange Window – All 3000 Series

Stainless Steel Flange Window: quartz

Black Aluminum Anodized Flange Window: quartz


Flange Window & Brackets- All 3000 Series

Flush Mount Quartz Window with Bracket: #304 stainless steel

Flush Mount Quartz Window with Bracket: Available in black aluminum & stainless steel AND black aluminum hard anodized


Air Purge Accessories

Air Purge Light Tube: with phosphor-bronze insert

Air Knife Purge: with phosphor-bronze insert


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