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heat balance system

An affordable lab method for measuring moisture content that provides a fast and accurate result

Designed for applications in powder, chemical, food, quality control, paper, clay, fines, mining, and many more.

The MoistTech Heat Balance Series offers a high-resolution back window matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) making it easier to operate and users will have comfort of vision and touch-tone chain plate makes for easier operation. The high precision heat insulation type sensor makes temperature for data acquisition reliable. The use of halide torch for heating and curing make warming more rapid and with shorter test times.

During the test process the dry state can be directly confirmed to speculate the finish time. The MB Series is equipped with automatic peeling function for immediate continuous measurement for accurate zero drift correction. Our halogen drying method moisture analyzer will test free water content of chemicals, raw materials, grains, minerals, solids, food products, powders, paper, textiles, wood and many more.

The MoistTech Moisture Balance Analyzer is a high quality, compact and simple to use laboratory moisture analyzer. Designed for a wide variety of applications for accurate and dependable results. with a very simple to use design, the user can set the test temperature, test time or choose auto time sample, add your prepared sample and begin the test process. An audible alarm along with display will alert the user when test has completed.

sensor features & Specifications


moisture range: 0-99%


Scale Accuracy: 1mg


minimum sample amount: 0.5g


suggested sample amount: 3-10g


test time control: timed or automatic


temperature range: 50c - 180c


Pan Size: 100 mm


dimensions: 265 x 160 x 150


Net Weight: 5kg

online options

food products

Our IR-3000F food product sensor can measure moisture, oil, fat/protein and more to meet all production needs.

coke/coal/sinter products

Specifically designed for the dark mineral industry, the CCS-3000 series can measure moisture in dark materials.

IP-67 rated sensor

Ideal for harsh conditions, the IP-67 rated sensor can withstand  wash-downs, and aggressive process applications.