Why Choose Near-Infrared?

Essential NIR Moisture Control

MoistTech’s NIR sensor stands out from the competition for numerous reasons. But why use NIR technology over the others?

Near-Infrared technology provides the most accurate, reliable and repeatable results on the market today. NIR based technology is different because it does not need to be in contact with the product, is a non-destructive analysis and is insensitive to most material variations.

Competing moisture detection technology often provides the user with an estimated guess rather than true, repeatable data.

Other technologies require constant re-calibrations, have height interference, experience drifting over time, produce less reflected light energy and overall provide the user with more of an estimated guess rather than true data. MoistTech’s technology provides hundreds of readings per second with the ability to be displayed anywhere throughout the process, giving full access and capabilities to the production line. 

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Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and imaging are fast and non-destructive analytical techniques that provide chemical and physical information of virtually any matrix. NIR can tell us things about a product in a similar way to visible light. When light hits a product, it will interact in various ways: transmitted light will pass through the product while backscattered light will reflect from the product and light will also be absorbed by the product. Absorption is key in NIR analysis!

NIR  technology has both performance and accuracy benefits over competing technologies currently being used to measure moisture content. With the ability to store up to 50 product codes/calibrations, line operators can make immediate process adjustments. 



The MoistTech NIR technology is a ratio-based measurement with prime beam. This eliminates the sensitivity to distance, improves stability, improves accuracy and provides a no-drift design. Our unique design allows for extremely accurate measurements with far more sensitivity than that of our competitors. This proves us the ability to measure very difficult applications where others cannot.

MoistTech Capabilities

Save energy costs, reduce scrap, and increase product quality with extremely accurate moisture content measurement from MoistTech. We lead the industry in high-tech moisture sensors and gauges to measure and control moisture in all phases of production. With offices worldwide, we have one near you to provide exceptional customer service. Our sensors and gauges are the most accurate and reliable in the industry. You get repeatable results that require no maintenance. Everything is set at the factory. No calibration or maintenance is necessary. You get thousands of real-time continuous measurements per second with our top-of-the-line products.

Look to MoistTech for instant, non-destructive, non-contact moisture sensors that can be mounted above your production line, before and after dryers or sprayers, in the toughest factory conditions. We provide hand-held and table top units as well. Our units can be pre-programmed to ignore the changes in product size, height, and color as well as product line small gaps to keep your line moving. We offer the ability to connect to your computer network for control, management, and analysis. Connections are available with Ethernet or RS232 ports.

For instant, accurate, repeatable online or offline measurements of moisture, coating thickness, nicotine or oil, the series of NIR sensors from MoistTech cannot be beaten. These sensors are made for non-contact, non-destructive measurements of the greatest accuracy. Use an NIR sensor in the lab or on the factory floor or take it into the field for fast, accurate results every time.


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