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food grade sanitary valve connection

The perfect solution to condiments, soft cheese & more

Manufacturing food components such as dressings, sauces, soft cheeses, chocolate, condiments and more, requires a consistent moisture content throughout the process which can be a time consuming process – but not with MoistTech! The NEW Food Grade Sanitary Valve Connection allows for users to test moisture content during production, directly in the pipeline!

Requiring an instant method of moisture detection during the manufacturing process is very common in the food industry. For applications such as condiments and other soft foods, moisture control can be very time consuming, consisting of lab tests that can take up to a full day. MoistTech now has a new instant, accurate method of testing moisture content that allows for users to instantaneously record moisture data and connect directly to a PLC.

MoistTech’s Food Grade Sanitary Valve Connection allows for the instant measurement of moisture through a pipeline by seamlessly installing within the pipe. This enhanced method of measurement provides users with a non-destructive way to have instant moisture control directly on the production line. The Food Grade Sanitary Valve Connection is designed to be adapted to the process pipeline conveyed material, allowing the material to flow directly against the NIR detector without wasting or contaminating the product.

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continuously monitor product quality to increase and improve efficiency and process optimization


Prodeuct quality & integrity throughout the manufacturing process with optimal equipment


Waste product, energy costs and downtime


Optimize processes, improve plant efficiency and increase the bottom line


Allows operational personnel to make crucial on-line adjustments in real-time

more options

food products

Our IR-3000F food product sensor can measure moisture, oil, fat/protein and more to meet all production needs.

coke/coal/sinter products

Specifically designed for the dark mineral industry, the CCS-3000 series can measure moisture in dark materials.

IP-67 rated sensor

Ideal for harsh conditions, the IP-67 rated sensor can withstand  wash-downs, and aggressive process applications.