MoistTech vs. the Competition:

See How MoistTech Stands Above the Rest

 MoistTech vs. the Competition

Learn why MoistTech stands above the competition with technology, service, support and more. Learn how we can outperform other options on the market with various different aspects. We are eager to hear about your moisture measurement project and discuss how we can instantly help increase efficiency, productivity and quality! Check out our MoistTech. vs the Competiton comparison:


Why MoistTech?

MoistTech provides superior technology, service and support over the competition. See how we can implement proper moisture measurement and control to instantly increase efficiency, product quality and overall process control.

Put your current method to the test with MoistTech’s 30 day performance guarantee!

Near-Infrared (NIR) Technology

MoistTech utilizes only the best technology suited for moisture, coating, oil and temperature measurement. ‘NIR’ is a light source based technology that allows for a non-destructive and non-contact way to analyze the constituents, providing an instantaneous and reliable reading of the product. MoistTech maintains an accuracy level of about 0.1%, depending on the application.

Competing technology often supplies a very estimated guess to the user and cannot be continually repeated. Probes, hand held devices and other destructive methods create an abundance of wasted product and time. 

Service & Support

MoistTech offers free phone & email service and support for the lifetime of the sensor. On-site help is available if needed but all attempts will be made to troubleshoot any issues with the customer first.

MoistTech’s customer service is unmatched!

Software & Communications

Competing sensors often require external hardware to power & communicate with the sensor, which leads to high failure rate and charge extra for required software. 

MoistTech does not require any external hardware and provides all software free of charge, along with unlimited licensing capabilities.

Sensor Enclosures

Polished Stainless – holds and creates heat and cannot distribute evenly. This can create wear and tear on other equipment and produce false data.

MoistTech utilizes Cast Aluminum which properly disperses heat, allowing for the most accurate readings.

Zero Drift or Re-Calibration

MoistTech provides a maintenance free design that is pre-calibrated from the factory to your exact application and is guaranteed to not drift over time or need re-calibration. 

Competitive sensors often need & charge for a reference standard due to frequent drifting and re-calibration needs, which causes unnecessary down time and man power.

Quick Turnaround

In most cases we can ship in 2-3 days – not weeks – to our customers. We have representation worldwide to ensure top notch customer service. Headquartered in the United States, MoistTech has continued to provide equipment throughout the pandemic without delay.

Single vs. Dual Detectors

Don’t be fooled by ‘more is better’ when it comes to multiple detectors providing better results. Using dual detectors often leads to unreliable results as they will age differently, begin to cause a drift in the readings and create excessive heat within the unit. 

MoistTech utilizes a single detection method that allows the parts to age together, with a non-drift and non-optical design. 

Continuous Advancements

MoistTech has perfected the design and continues to ensure advancements are incorporated to create the best product. Our sensor provides much more reflected near-infrared energy to the product and less height interference.  We also give the customer full control over the sensor to make changes and add calibrations; competitors often require a company rep to come on-site for any adjustments or changes needed. 

Proven Track Record with Performance Guarantees

MoistTech has 40+ years of experience with near-infrared technology in multiple types of applications with a proven track record of success. Multiple customer testimonials can be found on our website

We stand behind our product and technology 100%, offering all of our customers a 30 day performance guarantee to ensure the sensor operates properly with their application.

Reliable, Repeatable Results

MoistTech sensors are equipped with the ability to ignore variations in the product such as particle size, material height and color. Moisture, coating & oil detection provides improved quality, reduced production costs & increased plant efficiency with immediate line adjustment abilities. Competing technology often provides the user with an estimated guess rather than true, accurate data.

Non-Contact Detection

Other technologies require the sensor or probe to come into contact with the product – which creates waste, is time consuming and creates wear and tear on the equipment. MoistTech provides a non-contact, instant option.

Are There Off-Line or Laboratory Units Available?

868 Laboratory Sensor: MoistTech’s 868 Sensor features a removable, rotating sampling dish that was designed for rapid moisture determination of non-homogeneous products providing the most accurate true moisture reading. Samples of product are placed in the dish can provide precise measurements in as fast as 3 seconds.

858 Laboratory Sensor:  MoistTech’s IRMA 858 is the first moisture sensor where samples are measured from the bottom up in a sealed, quartz based container. With samples in a completely sealed chamber eliminates any constituent losses that are caused by handling and in the environment providing the most accurate true moisture reading.

We also offer numerous display options and accessories to enhance the measurement of your product. All of our sensors come with our Software kit included at no extra charge, many companies charge extra for this portion!

Maintenance and Wear & Tear

MoistTech’s sensors are designed to not require any maintenance and for all of the parts to age together, avoiding multiple repairs or replacement parts. 

Competing technology often requires yearly paid maintenance, part replacement and service to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the sensor.