Linear Belt Driven Slide


MoistTech Provides Slide Systems to Increase Productivity

Producing paper, films and other converting applications can require a moisture and coating reading across the web of the product – MoistTech’s Near-Infrared sensing technology can now be mounted and traversed for more accuracy and control.

Requiring an instant method of moisture detection during the manufacturing process is very common in the converting industry. MoistTech can provide customized sized slides to match your exact needs along with top of the line moisture measurement and control with unparalleled accuracy. 

The linear slide with travel control drive is specifically designed to traverse the sensor across the web to obtain a full spectrum of the products moisture and / or coating thickness. Seamlessly incorporate a traversing system to increase the productivity of the production line. The drive can be programmed by the customers PLC or MoistTech supply an HMI for control.

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