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Microwave & Radio Frequency Moisture Sensors

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There are several ways to measure moisture. Different methods work better with some products than others. MoistTech, the industry leader in moisture measurement, offers these measurement technologies to give you the accuracy you need:

Use the Technology that Best Suits Your Application

With a variety of technologies available, MoistTech can match a manufacturing moisture measuring application to the best technology for the product being measured and get the best available results.

For example, since microwave technology penetrates its sample, it can give good results for thick, heavy, baled materials like cotton or recycled paper. Near infrared works well for powders, chips, sheets, films, and other fairly thin homogenous materials. RF technology is very useful for materials that are unevenly dried or are thick. When a product is wetter in the center than on the outside, RF readings are best.

Optimize the Control of Your Production Line

The precision of microwave and RF sensors helps to increase the quality of the final product and with 100% inspection, the consistency increases. Less time is lost with downtimes, startups, and scrap decreases. These improvements help the bottom line.

Get extremely accurate readings where you need them most. Our non-contact moisture sensors can be:

  • Mounted above your conveyor belts
  • Mounted before and after dryers or sprayers
  • Hand-held devices in the lab, in the field, or by quality control

Trust the Specialists at MoistTech for Your Microwave & Radio Frequency Moisture Applications

For over 40 years, we have been the industry leader in moisture measurement. Headquartered in Florida, we have offices around the world to meet our customer needs. Contact us for information about our moisture measurement devices and request a quote today to move towards improving your bottom line.