Spent Brewers Grain Moisture

Improving the Production Process

Spent brewers grain, also known as spent grain, is animal feed that is created from residual grains remaining after beer production. Because this material is leftover, it is often cost-effective as a feed alternative. Spent brewers grain moisture content needs to be monitored and additional measures must be taken in the production process to minimize the moisture content. 

MoistTech offers leading moisture meters, which play a vital role in ensuring the moisture content of the spent brewer’s grain used for animal feed is within the optimal levels. These advanced near-infrared moisture control devices provide accurate and reliable measurements, allowing feed producers to closely monitor and control the moisture content during the production, storage, and transportation process. 

Maintaining the proper moisture levels in spent brewer’s grain is crucial to prevent issues such as mold growth and spoilage, which can affect the quality and nutritional value of the feed. By utilizing MoistTech’s moisture meters, producers can ensure that the spent brewer’s grain is neither too dry nor too wet, resulting in better feed conversion rates, improved animal health, and fewer product losses. Investing in MoistTech’s moisture meters allows feed producers to maintain the desired moisture levels in spent brewer’s grain, ensuring high-quality animal feed and optimizing feed efficiency.

Measure Moisture in Real Time!


Unsurpassed in performance, our sensors have the ability to measure moisture levels within tenths of a percent, making them ideal for a variety of applications. 


MoistTech’s moisture meter sensors are highly reliable and require minimal maintenance over time. Our sensors are designed to be tough, withstanding the test of time and providing accurate readings with low to zero maintenance.


Our sensors are designed to never drift or require re-calibration, so you can rely on them to provide consistent readings and maintain your operations with confidence. 


Having a moisture meter is essential for production processes, and can often pay for itself within 30 days.

The Importance of Moisture Meters

Accurate measurement of spent brewers’ grain moisture content is essential to ensure the health and safety of animals consuming it. MoistTech’s moisture meters are the perfect tool for the job: they incorporate both NIR (near infrared) and RF (radio frequency) technologies, allowing for accurate and reliable measurements of moisture content in food products, including grain. High moisture content in grain is a common problem, often leading to negative impacts on livestock’s health, and a moisture meter can help one take measures to reduce the moisture content and make the grain safe for consumption.

A Trusted Solution to Moisture Content in Spent Grain

MoistTech’s on-line continuous sensors provide accurate moisture level readings. Near-infrared and radio frequency technologies help manufacturers precisely gauge the moisture content in spent brewer’s grain. Further, our moisture sensors can be used to control and measure the protein and fats in the spent brewers’ grain so manufacturers can be confident the food they are providing animals with is clean and healthy.

We’ve combined our decades of experience and knowledge with feedback from our industry partners to create a moisture sensor capable of taking instant, non-contact measurements of moisture, temperature, and other vital levels with the utmost accuracy. When it comes to moisture sensors, the IR-3000 is the most advanced system available.


To ensure the highest quality of our production process, it is essential to measure the moisture content at a specific point. We will be using a moisture meter to collect the data and then incorporate it into your PLC. 

Remember this could involve more than one installation point!


Incorporating a moisture meter into the manufacturing process enables a closed-loop process that is proactive in its moisture control efforts, ultimately avoiding costly downfalls.


We use lab tests, calibrations, and accuracy results to ensure that our equipment is up to your standards. To make things easier, all of our sensors are pre-calibrated and ready for a plug-and-play operation so you can get the most out of your investment.


We offer service and support throughout the world for our moisture measurement sensors and would be happy to connect you with a rep in your area. Contact us today for more information!

Understand the Process

MoistTech’s easy-to-use features along with the plug-and-play design make it the most efficient and user-friendly moisture measurement system on the market. See how utilizing automatic moisture measurement directly on the manufacturing line can create a multitude of benefits throughout your manufacturing facility!