Flexible Packaging Moisture

Flexible packaging acts as a tough protective barrier to prevent the entry of contaminants, tampering and sanitation issues. Flexible packaging also protects the food products’ freshness, nutrition and shelf life. Other packaging may be for communicating information about product use, convenience, unit size, or dispensing information. Still others are to avoid pilfering and shoplifting. Regardless of the use of the packaging, the manufacturing process involves coating a paper product in a timely, cost-effective way. Moisture must be controlled, and coating thickness needs to be measured.

IR 3000 flexible packaging moisture sensor.

  • moisture levels
  • water and solvent based coatings
  • coat weight thicknesses during the paper/converting process.


The paper/converting process provides multiple locations in the manufacturing process to place a moisture measurement sensor. Often space and accessibility determine the best location as well as the manufacturer’s moisture control strategy. When mounted, the manufacturer has the ability to constantly monitor the process and manage the moisture content or package coating, either manually or automatically.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging Moisture Control

  • Improved product quality and consistency
  • Greater shelf-life for the product packaged
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced start-up times
  • Less waste
  • 100% product inspection
  • Fewer line stoppages

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