Cornmeal Moisture

If you produce cornmeal, you know about the science of achieving optimal moisture levels in cornmeal products. At MoistTech Corp., we know moisture is a key factor in cornmeal texture and shelf life, and our expertise ensures that your cornmeal maintains consistent quality throughout its lifespan. Learn how our solutions can help you create cornmeal products that meet the highest culinary expectations.


Controlling Moisture On-Line

To maintain ideal economic return and product quality, cornmeal moisture content must be kept at the perfect level throughout production and storage. If cornmeal contains too much moisture, the grain may spoil too quickly. Alternatively, if it has too little moisture, your margin decreases, as corn meal is sold by weight. The key is to maintain moisture balance through continuous moisture measurement. This requires the proper instruments for measuring the moisture level accurately and reliably.

MoistTech, a reputable manufacturer of near-infrared moisture control devices, offers industry-leading moisture meters designed specifically for cornmeal production lines. Our advanced instruments provide accurate and reliable measurements of moisture content, allowing producers to monitor and regulate the moisture levels effectively. By utilizing a MoistTech moisture meter, feed producers can ensure that cornmeal is neither too dry nor too wet, preventing issues such as clumping, mold growth, and degradation. This results in improved feed quality, increased digestibility, and enhanced animal health. Investing in a MoistTech moisture meter enables producers to achieve optimal moisture levels and deliver top-notch cornmeal for animal feed. Contact us today!

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More Than Moisture

The IR-3000 is also capable of temperature, fat/oil and protein with the reliability you need to produce the best quality cornmeal. With the ability to store up to 50 product codes, line operators can alert the sensor for changing material immedaitely, which streamlines the production process and incrases plant efficiencies.


Unsurpassed in performance, our sensors can accurately measure  moisture within tenths of a percent of most applications


MoistTech’s sensors are designed to withstand the test of time and can be relied on to provide consistent accuracy, day-in and day-out, with little to no maintenance required. This makes them an ideal solution for any business looking for a reliable and cost-effective moisture meter.


If you need accurate and reliable moisture readings, MoistTech’s NIR moisture sensors are the solution for you. They won’t drift or require re-calibration, making them incredibly dependable.


A moisture measurement system is essential for the production process and in some cases will pay for itself in less than 30 days

Instant Benefits

The IR-3000 helps cornmeal manufacturers reduce costs and increase end-product quality. Compared with similar moisture sensors, our carefully designed instrument is more energy efficient and reduces start-up and downtimes. It eliminates product waste due to excessive moisture content, as well as profit loss from an overly-dry product. Some prominent features of our moisture meters include: 

  • Process Optimization
  • Newest Technology & Software
  • Surface Mount Electronics
  • Unlimited Licensing
  • Low to Zero Maintenance
  • Fuel Consumption & Water Savings
  • Low Cost & High Accuracy Results

What is the Solution?

MoistTech is recognized as the world leader in moisture measurement & control systems. Countless years of experience in near-infrared technology across thousands of applications have given us the reputation of providing the best service and equipment. The MoistTech IR-3000 cornmeal moisture analyzer is the result of that expertise – a sensor capable of taking instant, non-contact, highly accurate measurements to properly control the manufacturing process of cornmeal.


Locate the point in the production process in which measuring moisture will be the most crucial and beneficial. Identify how you will use the moisture measurement data for improvements and if it will tie into your PLC.

Remember this could involve more than one installation point!


A closed loop process is achieved by incorporating a moisture measurement system into the manufacturing process. Developing a proactive solution to moisture control will avoid costly downfalls. 


MoistTech’s experts will assess your specific application with lab tests, calibrations and accuracy results to ensure our equipment will peform for you. All of our sensors are pre-calibrated prior to being shipped to create a plug-and-play operation for the end-user.


We offer service and support throughout the world for our moisture measurement sensors and would be happy to connect you with a rep in your area. Contact us today for more information!

Understand the Process

See the IR3000 model being used on a cornmeal application — ROI can be seen almost instantly in most applications. Contact us today to get started. 

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