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Dairy Powder Moisture

Dairy powders are used in baked goods, snacks, cheeses, soups, chocolate, ice cream, evaporated and condensed milks, cream, yogurt, infant formula and even nutritional products for athletes and invalids. With so many uses, not to mention the product that goes directly to the consumer, the production of dairy powder is important. In addition, it is a highly delicate, complex process that involves precise measuring and regulating of temperature and moisture levels.

The process of turning fresh milk into dairy powder involves separation / standardization, pre-heating, evaporation, spray drying, packaging and storage. At each of these stages, taking precise measurements of temperatures and moisture levels is imperative if the end product is to remain consistent and of the best quality.

MoistTech Capabilities

MoistTech has 40 years of knowledge and experience in moisture testing technology. With the help of our industry partners, we’ve developed the IR-3000, a moisture sensor with the accuracy and reliability to keep your dairy powder production running efficiently and yielding the best quality results.

The IR-3000 takes instant, non-contact measurements of moisture (in % dry and % wet), temperature, fat, sugar, and more.

Benefits of Gauging Cookie Moisture

Compared to other dairy powder moisture gauges, the IR-3000 lowers energy costs and reduces start-up and down times. By taking accurate, reliable measurements of moisture and other vital levels, our carefully calibrated instrument eliminates product waste.

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