Dairy Powder Moisture

Checking Moisture Content in Powdered Milk

Precise quality control in powdered milk includes measuring the moisture content in order to make processing line changes as needed. Obtaining a low moisture content can control chemical reactions in skim milk powder that is being stored at room temperatures, to not effect the nutritive value of the powder, even with years of storage. 

MoistTech has countless years of experience and installations around the world that has built the knowledge behind our technology. Improving the manufacturers quality control process, product and plant efficiency are just some of the many benefits that can be immediately seen with proper moisture measurement and control.

powder extruder

With dairy powders, the average range of moisture content is between 3- 4% and the primary way for drying the powder is through spray drying. Spray drying, in its simplest form, consists of atomizing the feed, spray-air contact, drying, and separation of the dried product from the drying air. MoistTech’s moisture analyzers are unaffected by any changes in height or color in material and has the ability to ignore any gaps on the product line.

Milk powder can absorb moisture from the immediate environment under ambient conditions, making the monitoring and measuring of moisture content extremely important. Most commonly in dairy powder applications the moisture is measured after the spray drying process and/or just prior to the packaging process. 

  • Precise Quality Control
  • Lower Energy Costs with Reduced Waste
  • Proper Dryer Control Knowing Accurate Moisture Content
  • 100% Product Inspection Abilities
  • Less Downtime
  • Increased Plant Efficiency

The IR-3000 series of sensors includes a food-grade version that has a stainless steel encloure and is approved for wash downs. Read more here. 

Providing the most accurate and repeatable data within seconds, the on-line sensors are mounted 4-12 inches from the product or in a pipeline with a flange window, outputting information using any of our options for local display or closed loop control. With the MoistTech 3000 Series sensors there is no waiting for lengthy offline tests with human error.