Ground Meat Moisture

Moisture content in ground meat processing can be a determinate to a longer shelf life. Achieving the best final product entails havibg a precise moisture range and the ability to measure and regulate the content throughout the manufacturing process. meat moisture

MoistTech Corp. manufactures a Near-Infrared moisture detection system that allows for line operators to make adjustments based on real time data, improving the product, saving time and money and increasing plant efficiency.

At MoistTech, we have combined our 40+ years of experience and knowledge into one highly accurate moisture sensor: the IR-3000. This instrument is capable of not only measuring ground meat moisture, but taking instant non-contact measurements of temperature, fat/oil, protein, and more.

The IR-3000 ground meat moisture sensor offers top quality ground meat moisture analysis that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy for its continuous measurement capabilities.

Benefits of Ground Meat Moisture Testing

We understand your need to minimize costs without cutting quality. The IR-3000 moisture sensor is energy efficient, reduces start-up and downtimes, and eliminates product waste. By accurately measuring the moisture content of ground fresh meats, your end product will have improved quality and shelf life.

If you would like to learn more about ground meat moisture detection, contact us today!