Olive Pulp & Pomace Moisture

Olive Pulp & Pomace Moisture

Accurately measuring the moisture level in olive pulp and pomace is paramount for growers and processors. This measurement not only impacts growers’ compensation but also determines the quality of olives. MoistTech’s IR-3000 sensor is the ideal solution for online olive moisture and oil measurement, providing critical data for optimizing processing and ensuring product quality.

Since farmers often receive payment based on moisture & oil content, and not simply weight, both the olive producers & processors profit from being able to make instantaneous on-line


Control Moisture Levels Now!

Why Moisture Matters:

The moisture content in olives, along with the olive oil content, directly affects growers’ earnings. Additionally, the amount of oleic acid in olives serves as a key quality indicator. Moisture and oil measurement in olives provides information that allows the maximization of yield through growth of olive varities that yield high oil levels, harvesting at optimal times, and optimization of the oil extraction process. 

Our IR-3000 sensor excels in measuring olive moisture and oil online, especially after the decanter/centrifuge, where separation from fruit solids occurs. By integrating MoistTech’s sampler system, you can measure an olive sample and return it to the product stream. This data empowers processors to manually or automatically adjust the centrifuge speed and talc addition to optimize the olive paste.


MoistTech sensors offer unparalleled accuracy, measuring moisture within tenths of a percent for most applications.


Our sensors are reliable and require minimal maintenance over time.


Count on MoistTech’s NIR moisture sensors; they never drift or require recalibration.


A moisture measurement system is essential for production and can pay for itself in less than 30 days in some cases.

Where Should I Measure?

There are several locations in which moisture measurement would be ideal in production:

  1. On the paste as it feeds into the centrifuge/decanter
  2. On the pomace exiting the centrifuge/decanter through a pipe containing a viewing window
  3. On the pomace in the screw conveyor

MoistTech – The Ultimate Solution:

Leveraging industry partnerships and 40 years of expertise, MoistTech has developed the IR-3000 Moisture Sensor, designed explicitly for measuring olive moisture, oil, and oleic acid levels. Our advanced technology enables instant, non-contact measurements of moisture, temperature, and other critical parameters.


Determine the critical points in your production process for moisture measurement and identify how this data will drive improvements, potentially integrating with your PLC system.


Achieve a closed-loop process by incorporating a moisture measurement system, proactively addressing moisture control to prevent costly issues.


We offer global service and support for our moisture measurement sensors. Connect with our representatives in your area to learn more about how MoistTech can enhance your processes. Contact us today for detailed information.

Understanding Our Technology:

MoistTech’s near-infrared sensors can store up to 50 different product codes/recipes, making it easy to switch calibrations when your product changes. Say goodbye to time-consuming lab trips; our online technology mounts directly on the production line, providing instant feedback for better control and efficiency.