Potato Flake Moisture

Potato Flake Moisture Control – MoistTech IR-3000-F

Efficient moisture control is critical in the production of potato flakes, as it can significantly impact product quality and manufacturing costs. MoistTech’s IR3000-F sensor offers instant and continuous monitoring of potato flake moisture levels, ensuring that your product remains at its best while optimizing your production processes.

The IR3000-F Potato Flake Moisture Sensor:

Our IR-3000-F sensor is designed to seamlessly integrate into your production line. It is coated with a food-grade material and features a polymer optical window, enabling manufacturers to continuously monitor and improve product quality by precisely controlling moisture levels.

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For optimal results, install the IR-3000-F potato flake moisture sensor at the exit of the ovens, positioned several inches above the conveyor. This location allows for continuous monitoring and manual or automatic control of potato flake moisture content in the finished product. If the sensor is exposed to extreme heat conditions near the oven outlet, it must be cooled using either air or water. Additionally, if the sensor is situated near an oil spray area, regular routine cleaning of the sensor’s optical window is necessary.


Key Benefits:


Our sensors offer unmatched accuracy, measuring moisture within tenths of a percent for most applications.


MoistTech sensors are robust and require minimal maintenance over time.


You can trust MoistTech’s NIR moisture sensors; they do not drift and do not require frequent recalibration.


A moisture measurement system is vital for the production process and can often pay for itself in less than 30 days.

Efficiency and ROI

Efficiency is a top priority for manufacturers, and energy consumption during the drying process can be substantial. Monitoring moisture levels before and after the dryer enables users to optimize dryer settings, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Implementing a proper moisture control system can pay for itself through energy savings in less than 30 days, leading to substantial improvements in facility productivity.

MoistTech has extensive experience in understanding the potato flake moisture requirements for production. Our sensor calibrations, measurement wavelengths, algorithms, and optical requirements are factory pre-set, ensuring a typical accuracy of about ±0.2% moisture. The analog range typically covers 5-15% moisture, with outputs that can be adjusted to meet PLC or recording requirements.

Our Solution:

MoistTech has harnessed decades of experience and industry feedback to create the IR-3000, a moisture sensor capable of instant, non-contact measurements of moisture, temperature, and other vital parameters with unparalleled accuracy. When it comes to moisture sensors, the IR-3000 is the most advanced system available.

Optimizing Moisture Measurement:


Identify critical points in your production process where moisture measurement is essential and determine how this data will drive improvements, potentially integrating with your PLC system. Multiple installation points may be necessary.


Achieve a closed-loop process by incorporating a moisture measurement system, proactively addressing moisture control to prevent costly issues.


MoistTech’s experts will assess your specific application through lab tests, calibrations, and accuracy evaluations, ensuring our equipment performs optimally. Our sensors are pre-calibrated for a plug-and-play operation.


We offer global service and support for our moisture measurement sensors and can connect you with a representative in your area. Contact us today for comprehensive information on enhancing your moisture control processes.

Understanding the Process:

MoistTech’s food-grade moisture detection system is installed to sense and report moisture levels in potato flake production, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the final product. Excess moisture content can lead to immediate waste and production line downtime. Automated online moisture detection can provide immediate benefits – discover how MoistTech can enhance your production line today.

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