Spice Moisture

Moisture control is a crucial aspect of manufacturing spices as they can easily become either too wet or dry wasting manufacturer’s time and money.

Ideally a moisture control system should be able to accurately detect moisture in raw materials, preferably at different stages of the manufacturing process, be easy to maintain and tough enough to withstand the harsh, abrasive nature of the raw materials and the mixer environment.

  • Typical accuracy is about ±0.1% moisture
  • Typical analog range is 0-10% moisture and up to as much as 40%, subject to application
  • The outputs can be adjusted to optimize PLC or recording requirements

Many unique features make MoistTech’s technology stand above the rest:

  • ability to monitor product with small gaps in product flow
  • unaffected by ambient light without impacting the accuracy
  • insensitive to material variations
  • provide continuous, reliable readings with zero maintenance
  • one-time calibration
  • non-drift optical design allows for operational immediate process adjustments based on real-time measurements

By installing the sensor at the exit of the dryer, a manufacturer can continuously monitor the process and can control the moisture content either manually or automatically instantly.

If the sensor is susceptible to extreme heat conditions, it is necessary to cool the sensor with either air or water. Dust from the product is not normally a problem however in extreme dusty environments we recommend the installation of an air purge system to prevent the accumulation of material on the sensor’s window.