Tea Moisture

Producing Quality

Processing tea requires precise measurements of moisture and temperature levels in order to yield the highest quality end results. From the time they are picked to the time they are dried and packaged, tea leaves need constant monitoring. Without the correct level of moisture and perfect temperatures at each stage, fungi grow on the leaves, contaminating the tea and making it unfit for consumption. Do you need to measure tea moisture? We have the perfect moisture control solution!

Each variety of tea requires different drying and oxidation methods. These variations are highly important if the right variety — whether black or green, Darjeeling or Earl Grey — is to be attained, with all the subtle nuances of flavor that tea drinkers expect in their tea. That’s why moisture testing and regulation using the best moisture sensor equipment is essential to tea production.

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Throughout the withering process, tea leaves react to drought stress by dehydrating and ventilating. This action leads to the breakdown of cell walls and stored carbohydrates, triggering oxidation and the formation of new flavor and aroma compounds. The optimal moisture level for withered leaves falls between 58–62%, with moisture levels below or above this range indicating inadequate or excessive withering.

Drying plays a crucial role in halting enzymatic reactions and reducing moisture content to 2.8–3% to prevent bacterial growth and extend shelf life. Slow drying can result in stewing, while rapid drying can lead to case hardening, where the outer layers dry out before the inner layers. Additionally, a moisture loss exceeding 4% per minute can result in a bitter and harsh taste in the tea.


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Understand the Process

The IR-3000 improves the quality of tea, lowers energy costs, and guards against product waste. By measuring moisture levels with accuracy, tea leaves will have the best flavor and longest shelf life.