Moisture Content in Molding Starch-Candy

Moisture Content Control for Starch-Based Confections – MoistTech

Confectionery manufacturers rely on precise moisture control in the production of treats like jelly bean centers, candy corn, marshmallows, starch gums, caramels, nougat, gummies, and cream centers. The moisture content plays a vital role in the quality and safety of these products. Our MoistTech IR3000 On-Line Moisture Sensor offers instant and continuous moisture measurement during crucial manufacturing stages, ensuring optimal productivity, reduced work-in-progress, and improved final product quality.

Optimize Production: Instant ROI

Near-Infrared Technology for Optimal Moisture Control:

In the confectionery industry, moisture absorption by starch is a key process factor. Unlike most foods, water is a minor component in confectionery, but its influence is substantial. Our MoistTech IR3000 On-Line Moisture Sensor provides laboratory-level accuracy and continuous moisture measurement at critical points throughout the production process, optimizing starch molding production and ensuring safe product storage and transportation.


Our sensors deliver unmatched accuracy, measuring moisture within tenths of a percent in most applications.


  • MoistTech sensors are durable and require minimal to zero maintenance over time.


  • Count on MoistTech’s NIR moisture sensors; they never drift or need recalibration.


A moisture measurement system is essential for production and, in some cases, can pay for itself in less than 30 days.

Proactive Moisture Management:

For starch-molded confections, maintaining the starch’s moisture content within the range of 5.5 to 7.0 percent is crucial. Most gummies, jellies, jujubes, and specialty items perform best in this moisture range. A lower moisture level leads to dry and crumbly starch, posing dust and explosion hazards. Conversely, higher moisture levels make starch less effective as a curing aid, potentially causing adherence to the confection’s surface.

The Solution:

With over 40 years of expertise in moisture applications, MoistTech leads the industry with advanced moisture analyzers like the IR-3000. Our solution involves:


 Identify critical moisture measurement points in your production process and determine how the data can drive improvements, possibly integrating with your PLC system.


Achieve a closed-loop process by incorporating a moisture measurement system, proactively addressing moisture control to prevent costly issues.


MoistTech’s experts will assess your application, and conduct lab tests and calibrations, ensuring our equipment is plug-and-play ready for you.


Our global network offers service and support worldwide. Connect with our local representatives to learn more about our moisture measurement sensors.

Understanding the Process:

Implementing the IR-3000 dramatically reduces production costs. It’s energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and minimizes startup and downtime. Over-dried or excessively moist products lead to wastage, but with the IR-3000, these problems are a thing of the past.

For comprehensive moisture control in starch-based confectionery production, trust MoistTech’s innovative solutions. Contact us today for more information on optimizing your moisture management processes.