Saw Dust Moisture

Measuring product moisture in the production of saw dust plays an important overall role in the process. Too high or too low moisture can affect overall quality, which can sometimes stop the process or result in low-quality production and distribution.

Ongoing and accurate saw dust moisture measuring allows for quick correction if there are problems, and helps ensure high-quality production throughout the process.

At MoistTech, we are dedicated to helping our customers produce the highest quality saw dust with our state-of-the-art sensor systems.




Installation is simply and easy  – mounting the sensor within 4 – 8 inches from the product allows a constant process tracking as well as the ability to make manual or automatic adjustments throughout the process.  Brackets provided with the sensor allow easy install from either the top or the back of the unit, whichever is more convenient. 

The advanced design of the IR-3000 allows immediate and precise readings of the moisture levels despite small product gaps in the process.  We also use sapphire optics to develop sample systems and optical windows which provides real-time process measurement. 

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Benefits MoistTech Sensors

  • 100% Product Inspection
  • Energy Cost Savings
  • Great Accuracy – even with small gaps in product flow
  • Less Product Waste
  • Less Risk of Low-Quality / Wet Product

Prior to receiving your MoistTech sensor, we pre-set the calibrations for the sensor that provide the customer with the ability to simply install and begin immediately measuring moisture content. Typical accuracy is about ±0.1% moisture. Typical analog range is 0-20% moisture. The outputs can be adjusted to optimize PLC or recording requirements.

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