Production facilities commonly face the challenge of outdated machinery and labor-intensive procedures, which can hinder overall productivity. In order to effectively address this issue while working with limited resources, it becomes crucial to optimize the capabilities of existing equipment and processes. The solution to this predicament is simple – automation.

Automation Tools

Let’s explore how incorporating the right combination of automation tools, like automated moisture monitoring directly on the production line, can Enhance your current assets and processes to prepare your plant for future challenges. “The steel collar worker” automates mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks, allowing your valuable human resources to focus on more critical jobs and eliminate inefficiencies that hinder peak production.

When processes require manual testing, such as old school moisture measurement methods, it’s incredibly easy for mistakes to be made. Adding the automation of moisture detection throughout the production process can eliminate the mistakes and allow for a closed loop process when tied directly into a PLC. With critical points of production being monitored for moisture content, everything from the raw material to the finished product can be precisely monitored for accuracy and quality.        

#NIR sensor on a machine

Immediate Quality Improvements

Near-infrared technology incorporated throughout the production process can greatly improve quality. Moisture control systems automate and accelerate many mundane inspection-based quality tasks, from examining incoming raw materials to final product quality and shipping weight to ensure products are perfectly manufactured, no matter what their final use.

Imagine the throughput increases you’ll see when a MoistTech moisture system is inspecting and providing over 300 readings per second on the production line; providing automated feedback to the PLC, allowing line personnel to make adjustments in numerous parts of the process to improve quality and consistency.

Closed Loop Process = Full Control

Additionally, when a moisture measurement system is tied into your process controller, out of spec products can easily be detected and immediately dealt with to ensure additional product is not affected. When issues are identified early, corrections can be made long before an imperfect or contaminated product reaches consumers. 

Ideally, a moisture control system should be able to accurately detect moisture in raw materials, preferably at different stages of the manufacturing process, be easy to maintain, and tough enough to withstand the harsh, abrasive nature of the raw materials and the mixer environment.

Ahead of the Game

As the demand for manufactured products grows and consumers place an increased emphasis on product quality, now is the perfect time to examine your current production processes and identify opportunities to embrace automation and squander inefficiencies. MoistTech has the expertise to assist in evaluating your process to determine how much more efficiency you could be achieving by measuring moisture content during production.

#NIR sensor over grain