PFI (Pellet Fuels Institute) Annual Conference will migrate north to Hershey PA this summer for their 2 day highlight of the densified biomass and wood application best practices. This event attracts people from all over to join together in promoting energy independence with the efficient use of clean, renewable fuels. #

MoistTech Corp joins the PFI Conference as a proud member of the PFI association to represent the moisture measurement and control industry, aiding in the production of better quality products. Pellet plant operators are tasked with many operations and moisture control is always one of the biggest: their product has the ability to fluctuate in moisture content based on the environment of the surrounding air. Humidity and other factors can greatly effect the amount of wasted product produced. With almost an immediate return on ROI, the IR3000 series sensors can produce a multitude of positive effects:

  • Reduced Energy Usage
  • Higher Quality Product
  • 100% Product Inspection
  • Less Waste
  • Improved Dryer Control
  • Improved Productivity / Less Downtime
  • Reduced Rick of Fire & Dust Explosion
  • Plant Production Efficiency Monitoring

#Wood Product Blending, Veneer Products, Raw Material, Hog Fuel and Dryer Measurement are all important points for moisture measurement concerns. Excess moisture can affect resin coatings resulting in de-laminating and blown boards; dryer costs can be one of the most expensive phases of hardwood processing; strength, curing and bond performance can be compromised and precise blending operations provide significant cost savings. Installation is quick and simple, measuring the product a few inches from the belt, allowing an immediate use of the equipment.

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