MoistTech Stands Out



Comparing MoistTech with Competitive Sensors & Technologies 

Reliable and affordable moisture control  equipment is essential in the manufacturing process to ensure accuracy, top quality, improved efficiency and performance.

 – long lasting     equipment

 – zero drifting

 – no re-calibration

 – non-contact

Highest standard in technology is utilizing near-infrared solutions for unbeatable results. MoistTech has over 40 years of proven track record in numerous applications. NIR technology has proven to be the top choice in accuracy and repeatability

Customer service and support you can rely on is essential – MoistTech has reps in every corner of the world to assist their customers in real time plus chat support. Parts, service and on-site visits do not take months to obtain – we can help you immediately!

Original pioneers of near-infrared moisture control, MoistTech stands behind their equipment and stability, allowing us to offer a 30 day performance guarantee to prove our accuracy or to compare against your current technology!

How can proper moisture measurement and control increase your production quality and efficiency? Instant ROI is seen with the MoistTech system – give it a try today!