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At MoistTech, we are the worldwide leader in moisture management systems. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve established an extensive base of satisfied customers all across the globe, including moisture sensors in Brazil. What sets us apart?


In the beginning, the market for moisture sensors was crowded with products that were functional, but not much else. Most contained deficiencies, were poorly designed, and lacked the latest technology. Our goal was to create a better product – a superior NIR moisture gauge. We studied the offerings of our competitors, examined their flaws, and created our own prototype with input from customers, and a focus on technology. It doesn’t end there.

MoistTech’s latest moisture sensor is the market leader in its field. It features state of the art advances in both software and hardware. Our moisture sensors use NIR (near infrared) and RF (radio frequency) technologies to maintain optimal moisture levels through instant non-contact measurement. Our sensors are also impervious to material variations, allowing for continuous, consistent readings. The versatility of the sensor allows them to be organized and adjusted to fit a number of mechanisms in nearly any application.

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MoistTech is pleased to serve multiple industries across the world. These include Tobacco, paper, converting, food, snack food, powders, forest products, chemical, wood, mining, pharmaceutical and gypsum. In addition to moisture measurement, our moisture management systems are used in converting applications. We can measure coating thickness, resin content, plastic film thickness and many other constituents.

Users can enjoy many features of MoistTech’s IR-3000 sensor that can immediately benefit the production line. Easy to use and incorporate into many existing systems, we are proud to offer the following features with our IR-3000 series sensors:


pre-calibrated to your application without calibration drifting


optical window contamination alarm/monitor


insensitive to ambient temperatures & lights


store up to 50 different product codes/calibrations


windows operating software for management & control


3 x 4-20mA outputs available


0-10V available


sapphire, kel-F, & Quartz sensor window options


optional explosion proof enclosure

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The IR-3000 sensor has many installation locations using the bracket on the back or top of the sensor enclosure. Most typical installations are mounted 4”-16” from the product flow to be measured. Changes in product flow can be compensated for using our filtering, dampening and averaging.


product quality monitoring

Allows immediate production line adjustments to improve product quality & consistency

process optimization

Allows 100% monitoring of the production process to reduce product that is “out of specification”

fuel consumption savings

Reduce the energy usage as the drying / cooking process can be controlled by the moistue sensor, resulting in a reduction of energy consumption

low cost - immediate return on investment

highest accuracy utilizing near-infrared technology

more options

food products

Our IR-3000F food product sensor can measure moisture, oil, fat/protein and more to meet all production needs.

coke/coal/sinter products

Specifically designed for the dark mineral industry, the CCS-3000 series can measure moisture in dark materials.

IP-67 rated sensor

Ideal for harsh conditions, the IP-67 rated sensor can withstand  wash-downs, and aggressive process applications.