The global ethanol industry comes together bringing cutting edge content and precise networking opportunities as the largest and longest running ethanol conference in the world. Quality control and maximum yield are the missions of the FEW conference, unveiling new technologies and research findings.

BBI International has operated the FEW event gaining 2000+ visitors and 300+ exhibitors over the years. MoistTech Corp will feature their state-of-the-art IR3000 series sensors specifically designed for moisture measurement and control in the ethanol and grain milling industries. With over 40 years of experience in the Near-Infrared moisture measurement technology, MoistTech Corp can help improve the over all quality of your product, efficiency of the plant, and reduce energy costs and wasted products.

The distillation process of ethanol from crops produces a cereal by product, mainly used for fuel sources, animal or livestock feed, pet food and fishing bait. Even with the wide range of uses, the moisture content is an essential aspect when conditioning feeds. If the byproduct is pelletized, excess moisture can cause the pellet mill to plug up and bring production to a halt. Proper conditioning with moisture measurement and control has several potential benefits: increased pellet durability index, potential pasteurization, increased starch gelatinization and protein structures – which improves binding ingredients – and destruction of some insect eggs.

Unlike other similar instruments, the MoistTech IR3000 series sensor has the ability to monitor products with small gaps in production flow, is unaffected by ambient light, insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height or color. A continuous, reliable reading with zero maintenance and a non-drift optical design allows operational personnel to make immediate process adjustments if needed, based on real-time measurements.