Ceramics UK brings together manufacturers from several different sectors including automotive, agriculture, Nuclear Energy, Renewable Energy, aerospace, biopharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, and Energy Storage along with a multitude of others. MoistTech will be located in booth 1440 providing information about any questions regarding moisture management and control in the ceramics industry.
MoistTech aims to help manufacturers produce less waste, improve productivity, and provide consistently better finished products. Without accurate moisture testing none of these goals can be achieved. Maintaining moisture levels within 0.1% in ceramic materials is key whether it be in producing the raw materials or with processing them.
The Near-Infrared sensor technology allows the IR3000 to read moisture levels within ceramic powder, chalk, clay, gypsum, copper tailings, coal, crushed limestone, Ferrite powder, dolomite, fiberglass, fly ash, and foundry sand. The moisture meter can be mounted on chain and screw conveyors as well as other locations throughout the process line as needed. The moisture sensors are built to withstand the harsh nature of the raw and processed materials throughout the manufacturing process and can deliver data directly to the user’s computer or PLC.

More information can be found at https://www.moisttech.com/applications/mineral-moisture/ or by contacting here.