When it comes to chemicals, the quality of the products, raw materials, and the process of production is held to a very high standard. This is incredibly important because chemicals are relied upon in many different industries, and it is essential that they are as safe as possible and of good quality. During the production process of chemicals, moisture control is necessary in every step. At MoistTech Corp, we understand how important it is to get reliable measurements on moisture. We provide moisture measurement and control through our near-infrared (NIR) technology to make the production process more efficient and reliable for the many industries we partner with. Keep reading to learn more about what we do and how we can help industries who deal with producing chemicals!


How Moisture Levels Affect Chemicals 

When chemicals are going through production, it typically involves adding moisture to the product in order to allow it to properly mix. However, too much or too little of moisture can result in clumping or chemicals that can no longer be used. Monitoring the levels of moisture throughout the entire process is essential in ensuring that everything is being done correctly.

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Benefits of MoistTech Corp

Our NIR technology creates a non-contact solution to your moisture control during the production of chemicals. The control system accurately detects the amount of moisture levels during different stages of the process, without altering or tampering with the product. Our IR-3000 series can provide continuous, repeatable, and accurate readings so that you can improve the line of manufacturing.


How to Ensure Safer and Higher-Quality Chemicals

Our systems are continuously evolving to match up with the demands of the industries we partner with and their standards. The chemical industry is no different. Our NIR technology is designed to offer a number of different benefits. When you use our systems, below you’ll find some of the immediate benefits you may notice: 

  • Improved Product Quality
  • Lower Waste & Energy Costs
  • Process Optimization
  • Increase Plant Efficiency
  • Dryer Control
  • Reduced Downtime

Why Choose MoistTech Corp?

Our team has been helping numerous industries with their moisture control for many years. We understand the importance of producing high-quality and safe products, and with our systems, you can get accurate readings to ensure the right levels of moisture. Through our technology, you can have better control over your finalized product, creating quality batches each time. Chemicals are relied upon in almost every industry and in everyday life for consumers. MoistTech Corp can provide you with the systems you need to create better batches through our moisture sensor systems. Discover the effect of NIR moisture control and get your quote today!