Moisture control within the sewage process is desirable to ensure the final product is suitable for various uses. Accuracy levels with MoistTech’s state-of-the-art moisture control system are +/-0.2%, making it the perfect technology to provide a moisture reading that sewage treatment plants can rely on. Keep reading to learn more and contact us with any questions!

Utilizing Near-Infrared (NIR) Technology

Our non-contact solution of near-infrared (NIR) technology can assist workers in providing accurate moisture readings without having to stop the production line. The sensors are also insensitive to material variations, meaning that you’ll be able to get a reliable reading every time. With zero drift and no maintenance required, our moisture sensor is the perfect solution for your sewage treatment needs.

Maintaining the Exact Moisture Content Needed

Having a moisture control system that can detect moisture content with such accuracy is essential for sewage treatment plants. MoistTech’s moisture sensors can help you maintain the perfect moisture content in your sewage, ensuring that it can be properly processed and used. The exact moisture content must be within 0.5-1% and our moisture measurement system can help you maintain that level of accuracy every time.

Installing Our Moisture Control System

MoistTech highly recommends installing the moisture sensor after the feeder press, before the dryer, or after the filter press to reduce shipping charges and environmental problems. In the case of incineration, installation before the drum dryer is ideal. To ensure your moisture control system meets your needs, you can fine-tune the setup and process as needed.

Immediate Benefits

There are several benefits to installing a moisture measurement and control system, the most important being an improvement in product quality. Other benefits include:

  • Lower Waste & Energy Costs
  • Process Optimization
  • Increased Plant Efficiency
  • Dryer Control
  • Reduced Downtime

Ensure your sewage treatment plant is running properly with MoistTech’s moisture measurement and control system. Our moisture sensors will help you maintain the perfect moisture content in your sludge, ensuring that it can be properly processed and used. Discover the effect of NIR moisture control and get your quote today!