When it comes to the animal kibble industry, moisture control is critical. Your pet food product needs balanced moisture to ensure the highest quality for your customers. Moisture measurements also influence the percentages of other necessary ingredients, including protein and fats, when trying to achieve the perfect blend.

That’s where MoistTech Corp. comes in to help increase efficiency by utilizing our advanced moisture sensor technology, you can quickly and conveniently measure the moisture content of your animal kibble. Keep reading to learn more.


How Moisture Levels Affect Pet Food Production

Without consistent moisture levels, you can’t maintain quality or consistency in your animal food, and your product is left more susceptible to bacteria and mold. In addition, poor moisture creates more waste when you have to scrap products and start over. However, with effective moisture measurement, you can guarantee consistency and reduce product loss, saving time and money.

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Near-Infrared Moisture Sensor Technology

MoistTech provides moisture sensor technology to help your factory maintain efficiency and reduce costs. Our near-infrared (NIR) sensor works directly on your production lines, allowing you to monitor moisture levels with ease. It’s a no-contact solution that you can trust to provide accurate readings regardless of the type of animal kibble you’re producing.

Easy Installation From MoistTech

The on-line moisture control system from MoistTech is fast and easy to install on your product lines. Once the sensor is in place, you can use an external display or PC to display real-time moisture levels. Because our NIR technology can store up to 50 calibration readings in a single sensor, it can conveniently be used on many types of pet food.

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Immediate Benefits of Measuring Moisture

With our advanced moisture sensor technology installed, your factory will be able to reap the benefits immediately. Thanks to an impressive increase in product quality, you’ll maintain a satisfied customer base. You’ll also notice your production lines are more efficient and experiencing less downtime, leading to a more optimized process. Expect to see reduced waste and energy costs, too. 

    At MoistTech, we understand the importance of moisture measurement in animal kibble. If you want to discover the effects of NIR moisture control, get your quote today.